Millman Addresses the 84th Precinct’s Roll Call

February 4, 2011
Brooklyn – On Thursday, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman addressed the officers of the 84th Precinct during their daily roll call. Commanding Officer Captain Mark DePaolo invited Assemblywoman Millman to introduce herself to the officers and discuss her long-standing relationship with the precinct.

Assemblywoman Millman explained that many of the laws enforced by officers in the 84th Precinct originate in Albany. Assemblywoman Millman made it a point to explain that legislation she works on has an effect on the daily efforts of officers to keep residents safe. Two important pieces of legislation that the officers enforce daily are wearing seatbelts and the requirement of using a hands free device while talking on a cell phone and driving a vehicle.

Said Assemblywoman Millman, “I want to thank the officers for their ongoing efforts to keep the community safe. Their presence gives residents a feeling of security and contributes to the overall high quality of life experienced by residents living in the neighborhoods that make up the 84th Precinct.”