Governor Cuomo Signs Millman’s Bill Requiring Convex Mirrors on Trucks

Eliminating Dangerous “Blind Spots”
July 19, 2011
Brooklyn – Several years ago, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman introduced Bill A.1446 to require all truck and tractor trailers to have these convex (crossover) mirrors as they drive through the streets of New York City. Assemblywoman Millman stated, “This was a response to several fatalities that have occurred because truck drivers would not able to see youngsters walking in front of their vehicles”. New York City vehicles including school buses are already equipped with convex mirrors.

Ms. Millman went onto state,” I am honored that the Governor signed this Bill into law as it will prevent pedestrian fatalities and injuries in the City of New York and the saving the life of another child is more than with the insufficient cost”.

Assemblywoman Millman also explained that “Trucks equipped with crossover mirrors eliminate the truck driver’s blind spot and allow drivers to see pedestrians crossing in front of them. Time and time again terrible accidents occur when truck drivers simply did not see children or others in front of their vehicles when they began to move. This law will make our streets significantly safer for our young citizens”.