Millman Urges City for a Decision on 370 Jay Street

Continue the resurgence of downtown Brooklyn
December 21, 2011
Brooklyn – We are here today to call upon the City to take immediate action to utilize 370 Jay Street. For far too long the residents of Downtown Brooklyn have hoped that the MTA would proceed with the selling of this building in order to be in step with the rest of Downtown Brooklyn’s multi-billion dollar renaissance.

The MTA’s long-vacant building at 370 Jay St. could be transformed into a modern research center, which has been proposed by New York University’s latest expansion plans for Downtown Brooklyn. The new Center for Urban Science and Progress would be for NYU’s planned graduate program applied sciences – which would include collaboration with IBM, Carnegie Mellon and other universities.

The Center for Urban Science and Progress would be connected to five cities on three continents. Located in Brooklyn, it would bring 50 researchers and faculty members, 400 master’s students and 100 post-graduate students. This is the exactly what our city needs to be competitive on the global front.

We urge the city administration to finally do something with 370 Jay Street – we have waited too long for progress to happen.