June 17, 2016
"I would say with this issue, in and of itself, there's a lot of problems and a lot of flaws. Particularly, I have a problem that a tenant who does not have ownership of the unit, they should not be allowed to rent, on any basis, their apartment to entities like Airbnb. Because we've seen instances where this has happened, where the owner had no knowledge and gave no consent to the tenant to rent these units out to Airbnb, and the owner of these large multiple dwellings still got fined even though they did not give the tenant express consent to engage in this activity. So I that's something that needs to be cleared up, but I believe the sponsor is on the right track," said Assemblymember Dilan, who voted in favor of a bill that prohibits advertising for the use of dwelling units as illegal hotels in New York City. A8704C