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Matthew Titone
Assembly District 61
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02361Provides that the fines for traffic infractions and traffic misdemeanors committed in a school traffic control zone are doubled
A02362Adds to the definition of serious injury and relates to determining the sufficiency of the evidence related to the serious injury
A02363Certificates of incorporation of not-for-profit corporations to include conflict of interest certification and education requirement certification
A02364Provides for the licensing of docking pilots in the waters of the port of New York and the ports of New Jersey and for criminal history checks of applicants
A02414Requires that motor vehicles operated by members of the state police while in the performance of his or her duties be equipped with automated external defibrillators
A02453Provides for gifts on tax returns for autism awareness and research
A02454Enacts Danielle DiMedici and Jessica Tush's Law; creates a registry for domestic abuse offenders
A02589Extends benefits of the variable supplements to New York city police, firefighters, housing police, transit police, correction officers and registered domestic partners
A03296Allows "Safe-Teen-NY Driver" stickers be placed on license plates of motor vehicles driven by individuals who are under 18 years old or parents
A03297Provides that persons under 18 years of age charged with a traffic violation must appear in court with a parent or guardian to answer the charge
A03298Authorizes political subdivisions having jurisdiction over highways to permit smoke free school zone signs to be placed within the rights of way
A03299Allows for distinctive plates to be issued for members of the New York city fire riders motorcycle club
A03300Establishes a high speed E-ZPass lane requirement at all toll booths in the state
A03301Prohibits the advertising of tobacco products on mass commuting vehicles receiving state aid or funding
A03302Provides for the autism detection, education and mapping program
A03371Relates to the registration and regulation of animal breeders
A03426Relates to refund anticipation loans
A03427Relates to the use of powers of attorney in banking transactions
A03436Provides that new streets within and abutting streets of new commercial projects in the city of New York be the maximum legal width
A03454Provides for payment of a bonus to members of the armed forces from this state for service during the period of hostilities in Korea, Vietnam or the Persian Gulf
A03455Provides that tolls for Red Cross vehicles for access to highways, bridges and tunnels during an emergency are suspended
A03458Relates to children with disabilities placed in out-of-state facilities; provides for the state to provide for all special services or programs
A03462Requires a traffic impact statement and public hearing on certain projects of the triborough bridge and tunnel authority
A03536Relates to sales of real property by not-for-profit corporations
A03573Relates to prohibiting the transloading of certain wastes at facilities in Richmond county
A03574Provides that window guards shall be required on all fire escape windows in multiple dwellings
A03725Relates to the crime of endangering the welfare of a child
A03871Authorizes the New York city water board to grant a 10 percent discount on New York city water bills to senior citizens
A03872Relates to requiring disclosure of types of replacement parts used in automobile collision repairs
A03873Enacts Michelle and Jordan's law relating to the penalties for a second conviction of participating in an unlawful speed contest or race
A03874Establishes the class E felony of dissemination of false missing child information
A03875Requires food service establishments to post a warning when trans fat is used in some or all of their food preparation
A03876Regulates the provision of refund anticipation loans by persons and entities other than banking institutions
A03877Establishes the John J. Marchi government studies scholarship program for CUNY students enrolled in government or government related studies
A03878Increases the amount combat veterans shall be exempt from real property taxation to thirty-five percent
A03879Increases to $10,000 the contribution that a resident taxpayer may make to family tuition accounts for each child during a taxable year
A03880Directs the superintendent of financial services to promulgate rules and regulations limiting the use of credit scores to determine automobile insurance premiums
A03881Specifies auction requirements
A03940Establishes criminal offenses relating to criminal street gang enterprises and the abatement of premises used for such enterprises
A04172Provides access to enroll in the E-ZPass program on applications for motor vehicle registration
A04173Authorizes the commissioner of education to reschedule cancelled regents examinations
A04174Designates August 20th as a day of commemoration to be known as "Staten Island Day"
A04175Authorizes the city of New York to reconvey a parcel of land to the estate of Hilda Spivak
A04281Establishes the crime of criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near a methadone clinic
A04282Establishes the office of risk assessment and management within the office of general services
A04283Directs the port authority to contract with a certified public accounting firm for the conducting of an independent forensic audit of such authority
A04284Provides for Alzheimer's detection, education and mapping program
A04285Prohibits first fail accident and/or health insurance policies
A04298Establishes the crimes of possession of an unauthorized recording in the first and second degree
A04299Requires the port authority to hold a hearing in each county in the district related to proposed toll or fare increase for use of authority transportation facilities
A04360Requires utilities to charge not-for-profit organized sports programs for youth residential rates
A04788Establishes distinctive "Support Our Troops" number plates for motor vehicles
A04789Provides for vacating of an arbitration award on the ground that the arbitrator was affiliated with a party, or has a financial interest in a party or the outcome
A04790Relates to extending the effective date for chapter 119 of the laws of 1997
A04791Prohibits state contracts with vendors that forbid employees from litigating discrimination or harassment claims
A04792Prohibits placing of level 2 or 3 sex offenders in any temporary emergency housing or homeless shelters used to house families with children
A04793Relates to the definition of income for purposes of the senior citizen rent increase exemptions (SCRIE) program
A05187Relates to the community guardianship program
A05203Requires physicians to report instances of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus infections to the commissioner of health
A05204Regulates the conducting of examinations under oath of claimants for first party benefits under no-fault motor vehicle insurance
A05207Requires all insurance policies and medical assistance to provide coverage for medically necessary hearing aids for children under 16 years of age
A05211Confirms eligibility for and directs the New York city department of finance to provide exemption from taxation for certain residential dwelling units
A05213Allows for distinctive plates to be issued for members of the New York city fire riders motorcycle club
A05214Regulates step therapy and first fail health insurance policies and contracts
A05219Relates to service of notice of motion returnable to the environmental control board on the registered owner of a motor vehicle impounded by the department of sanitation
A05225Regulates the establishment and location of methadone treatment centers
A05243Provides incentives for energy conservation through voltage regulation
A05244Provides that vans or suburbans used as school buses cannot be so operated unless pupils are wearing seat belts
A05245Provides for drug and alcohol testing of school bus drivers and when circumstances, such as accidents, dictate a more thorough investigation and review
A05246Requires healthcare and wellness education and outreach on the donation of postnatal tissue and fluids
A05247Prohibits certain sex offenders from residing near school grounds
A05261Enacts "Caylee's law" to establish the felonies of failure to report the disappearance or death of a child
A05570Relates to expediting actions involving insurance claims for damages resulting from a state disaster emergency
A05663Includes within the class A misdemeanor of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, the possession of a weapon, outside the home, while intoxicated; repealer
A06729Establishes the "access to digital assets act"
A07418Provides for the prohibition of sale of tobacco products at pharmacies
A07645Provides property exemption for Lot number 275 in Richmond for the conversion to multiple dwellings to eliminate fire and health hazards
A07661Relates to the establishment of rates of payment and delivery of health care services
A07968Makes the inability to pay child support an affirmative defense to non-support of child offenses, rather than an element of such offenses
A08107Requires a public hearing prior to procurements valued over one hundred thousand dollars are made overseas by public authorities
A08122Relates to designating the service dog as the official state dog
A08213Establishes internet privacy rights for persons under 18 years of age by limiting the dissemination of information about them and limiting marketing to them
A08301Requires mandatory health insurance coverage for tracking devices for children with developmental disabilities
A08351Relates to electronic citation fees
A08669Mandates prosecutorial disclosure of exculpatory evidence to defendants
A08670Provides unemployment insurance for survivors of domestic violence
A08671Creates a scratch off lottery ticket with an arts theme; proceeds from such lottery ticket shall be made available for the support of elementary and secondary arts education
A08672Relates to the promotion and possession of a sexual performance by a child
A08674Enacts the "food retail establishment subsidization for healthy communities act"
A08676Provides retroactivity to the original date of eligibility for the senior citizens rent increase exemption (SCRIE)
A08681Provides free use of state parks for veterans and the surviving spouses or domestic partners of those killed in combat
A08683Establishes the child stat the children's disease tracking system program
A08684Establishes a person is guilty of grand larceny in the fourth degree when he or she steals property and is in possession of an anti-security item
A08687Requires notification to insureds that an out-of-network physician may be used in their procedure, test or surgery
A08690Provides that stalking by technological means shall be prohibited and shall be included in the crimes of stalking in the first, second and third degrees
A08763Establishes the task force on arts in the classroom; investigate and advise on the current curriculum relating to the arts and what, if any, steps should be taken to alter such curriculum
A08764Requires a study of genetically modified organisms and cross pollination, the impact on wildlife, and the effect on human consumption
A08786Authorizes a consumer to seek reimbursement for treatment for an unfit cat or dog within 6 months of the purchase of such animal from a pet dealer
A08915Enacts provisions to reduce the incidence of motor vehicle insurance fraud; repealer
A08984Relates to the installation of a technological solution on an advanced mobile communication device
A09085Relates to the disclosure of charitable fund disbursements after donations
A09295Relates to prohibiting the New York state council on the arts from awarding arts and cultural grants when an organization has already applied for and/or received grant funding from another state
A09348Mandates the establishment of a standard uniform anti-trafficking training program and requires employees of hotel and gaming facilities to undergo such program

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Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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