Assemblymember Matthew Titone Named to Assembly Committee on Health

May 11, 2011

Assemblymember Matthew Titone (D-North Shore) announced today that he has been named to the Assembly Committee on Health. This committee post is competitive and highly sought after by members of the Assembly and is tasked with the review of all legislation relating to healthcare issues that come before the legislature, including legislation that addresses standards of care and health care financing.

“Healthcare and the health issues effecting New Yorkers, particularly Staten Islanders, has always been an issue of crucial importance to me. Since I was first elected to public office, I expressed a great interest and desire to serve on the Assembly Committee on Health so that I would be better able to address the concerns and needs of my constituents. The North Shore of Staten Island contains some of the most underserved communities in the state and I am grateful for the opportunity to voice the concerns of my district in the Committee on Health. While being able to bring local issues to the forefront, the health and well being of all New Yorkers is my primary concern and I look forward to working with Assemblymember Gottfried and my colleagues on the important matters that come before this Committee,” said Titone.

Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health stated, “I congratulate Assemblymember Titone on his appointment to the Committee on Health. Assemblymember Titone’s history of advocacy on health issues makes him a perfect fit for this Committee and I am looking forward to working with him on the issues we face in our state today. Assemblymember Titone has sponsored or co-sponsored legislation relating to autism, HIV, access to weight management and nutritionist care, nursing home safety and many other bills that relate to the health of our residents. In addition, as the only gay member of the Committee, Assemblymember Titone will bring added awareness of health issues that disproportionately affect the LGBT community.”

“Assemblyman Matt Titone's appointment to the Assembly Health Committee is great news for the residents of Staten Island and the region's medical facilities and hospitals," said Assemblyman Lou Tobacco

(R,I,C-Staten Island) ranking Minority Member on the Assembly Health Committee. "Matt has long been a strong advocate for providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all New Yorkers and I look forward to working with him to lower premiums for consumers and patients while increasing state resources for our local hospitals and nursing homes."

Richard Murphy, President and CEO of Richmond University Medical Center, stated “The appointment of Assemblyman Matt Titone to the Assembly’s Committee on Healthcare will add an important voice to the health care policy debate in New York. His sensitivity and knowledge of issues confronting healthcare providers, and consumers, will serve us well as this new role puts him at the forefront of legislative discussions on how best to deliver safe, effective, high quality health care services while assuring vital access to community resources on Staten Island.”

Diane Arneth, Executive Director of Community Health Action of Staten Island, an organization which Assemblyman Titone served on the Board of Directors of prior to his election, added “The appointment of Assemblyman Matthew Titone to the Health Committee will provide critically important strategic benefit for all Staten Islanders. We applaud this opportunity to be represented by one of the foremost champions of comprehensive, quality health care for all. He understands the complex issues and challenges for the borough regarding adequate access to care and equitable distribution of health care resources.”

“We are still facing a health care crisis in our state and my appointment to this committee will allow me a greater role in fighting for Staten Island hospitals’ fair share of funding and in addressing the need for affordable, accessible health care for all New York residents” concluded Titone.