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Brian Kavanagh
Assembly District 74
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00057Makes criminal facilitation of a crime by providing a weapon to a minor a class A felony and requires a consecutive sentence therefor
A00059Relates to maximum contributions for candidates
A00060Decreases contribution limits; repealer
A00061Requires a maximum water temperature of 120 degrees in any dwelling unit in a one-family, two-family, or multi-family, tenant occupied dwelling
A00062Provides a tax exemption from sales and compensating use taxes on alternative energy systems
A00063Relates to restrictions on political contributions by lobbyists
A00064Requires the use of a simple and easy to read typeface on paper ballots
A00065Provides for the establishment of a small business and household pollution prevention program, including collection events and grants therefor
A00074Authorizes defendants to make electronic appearances in pending criminal actions
A00075Requires employees of dealers in firearms and gunsmiths to submit to a criminal background check
A00077Enacts the immigration provider enforced disclosure information and registration (IMPEDIR) act of 2013
A00078Provides for the regulation of the licensure and practice of immigration providers by the department of state
A00079Creates the non-partisan legislative budget office
A00080Relates to rechargeable battery recycling
A00081Establishes a demonstration project in the city of New York to enforce parking rules for the purpose of street cleaning
A00082Relates to aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle
A00083Provides that the board of elections shall transfer a registration and enrollment of a voter to wherever they move in the state, even if it's a new county
A00084Requires hearing by the DHCR prior to order of decontrol for failure to respond to income certification material relating to high income rent decontrol
A00085Requires a person to be a resident of the local subdivision for which such person seeks office at the time of filing designating or nominating petitions
A00086Establishes new contribution limits, expands the types of organizations prohibited from making contributions and aggregates certain contributions
A00087Requires state agencies and certain covered authorities to purchase handguns from responsible suppliers
A00104Relates to the appointment and qualifications of members of rent boards
A00105Relates to vaccination of egg-laying hens against salmonella
A00106Declares a policy of equal treatment in development and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies
A00107Relates to publishing records of public interest by agencies and the legislature
A00108Provides for a state board of elections enforcement unit and counsel
A00109Relates to election canvass procedures; repealer
A00110Relates to uniform maximum contributions for all candidates regardless of position or office
A00111Relates to nominating and designating petitions and certificates
A00112Relates to political contributions made by limited liability companies
A00113Removes ten day advance voter registration requirement
A00114Prohibits the discontinuance of utility service to multiple dwellings for non-payment of bills
A00119Provides for a prohibition on the use of certain disposable food service ware
A00126Establishes the New York state infrastructure development bank; appropriation
A00141Relates to the concentration of fluoride additives in water
A00142Authorizes the use of innovative techniques to enhance public participation in the rule making process
A00143Requires contracts for the collection and transportation of commercial waste to specify recyclable, reusable, and other components for separation
A00144Relates to political contribution activities by an intermediary
A00149Provides that the board of elections shall accept voter registrations electronically through its website
A00157Provides that issuers of debit and credit cards shall pay sales and use taxes directly to the commissioner of taxation and finance
A00160Increases the amount on which additional taxes are imposed for conveyances of real property in N.Y. city
A00161Provides for a transportation credit for commuters residing in this state and employed or self-employed within N.Y. city
A00167Relates to the recycling of plastic bags
A00168Relates to actions brought by employees for unpaid wages; and creates the employee wage safety fund
A00172Provides that qualified persons who are not registered to vote may register on a day of election at their polling places
A00173Requires police identification line-ups to be conducted sequentially
A00174Makes the following participating agencies for purposes of agency assisted voter registration: public libraries, local housing authorities, and public high schools
A00177Establishes a public service commission nominating board to make recommendations of persons qualified for appointment as commissioners of the public service commission
A00181Relates to the construction of certain facilities for the New York city housing authority
A00183Relates to the general civil penalty of the environmental conservation law
A00186Establishes the climate change solutions fund
A00187Enacts the "voter empowerment act of New York" to streamline the process for registering to vote
A00189Provides for the licensing of agents of title insurance companies
A00191Relates to the recycling of film plastic
A00192Relates to licensed firearms businesses and potential employees who would be authorized to possess or transfer firearms
A00199Relates to the procurement of banking services
A00203Relates to the disqualification of tax delinquent bidders with some exceptions
A00204Enacts the voter friendly ballot act; repealer
A00205Prohibits political contributions by businesses that have been awarded state contracts
A00206Requires biodegradable filters on cigarettes within two years
A00209Requires no budget bill shall be passed unless it shall have been upon the desks of the members for at least ten days
A00214Relates to the election of delegates
A00215Relates to the registration fees for certain lobbying entities; repealer
A00219Provides for the forfeiture of unspent campaign funds after conviction and resignation of the elected official
A00220Relates to appointments to the rent guidelines board
A00224Provides that bicycle operators and the businesses working as an independent contractor with such operators shall be liable for such operator's violation of the law
A00229Provides that the income level for the requirement to file a personal income tax return shall be set by regulation
A00230Requires certain language on contribution forms
A00231Provides for notice of availability of services to prisoners upon their release from state prison
A00237Relates to computer programs utilized by the state board of elections
A00250Increases the safety of elevators in buildings owned by the New York city housing authority
A00251Grants tenants right to withhold portion of rent for failure of landlord to provide heat
A00253Prohibits the use, with exceptions, of an electronic entry card or device as a mechanism for resident or resident's guest to enter or exit a residential building
A00257Provides for the appointment of a standing committee on conference to resolve differences between similar, but not identical, bills and resolutions
A00258Provides for a state workforce fuel reduction and conservation program which will develop and assist in implementing strategies to reduce fuel consumption
A00260Provides for children under the age of eighteen to wear protective headgear while skiing, sledding or snowboarding
A00264Establishes the environmental sustainability education act
A00269Provides that the failure to report a release of hazardous substances is a class A misdemeanor
A00270Imposes penalty upon agency failing to complete a remediation plan
A00271Requires cities with populations over 45,000 to incrementally reduce emissions in diesel powered motor vehicles owned by city agencies
A00287Relates to the commercial display of human remains
A00289Relates to requiring parking garages to install and operate pedestrian warning devices where vehicles exiting such garages cross a pedestrian sidewalk
A00290Relates to the operation of traffic-control signal photo violation-monitoring devices
A00294Establishes a closed-circuit television system and surveillance personal privacy act
A00295Enacts the public benefits for professional facilities act
A00297Relates to the conduct of school board elections by the board of elections
A00341Requires school lunch periods to be scheduled between two and one-half hours and four hours after the start of the school day
A00744Establishes the toxic mold safety and protection act and the toxic mold hazard insurance program; appropriation
A00769Relates to the non-therapeutic use of antimicrobial agents in animals
A00770Relates to offering parental controls for internet services
A00771Relates to providing a tax credit for the purchase of gun safety equipment
A00781Makes state standards for energy efficient appliances, products and building design applicable to N.Y. city
A00838Authorizes NYCHA survey of housing developments to determine the percentage of non-English proficient residents, requires language assistance programs
A00935Relates to voter enrollment
A00936Establishes a tax credit for alternative energy systems and generating equipment
A01043Prohibits rental car companies from discriminating on the basis of geographical location
A01044Relates to facilities of refuge
A01045Prohibits release of certain balloons
A01116Makes provisions regarding the designation of polling places on college campuses
A01117Relates to establishing the online consumer protection act
A01118Provides for the inclusion of low income credit unions in the banking development district program in cities having a population of one million or more persons
A01850Alters provision respecting filing of campaign financial disclosure statements
A02009Requires the filing of additional transferor and contributor identification information in campaign receipt and expenditure statements
A02010Provides exemption from jury service for election inspectors
A02011Relates to agency reports
A02012Authorizes police officers to arrest a driver of a motor vehicle in certain circumstances without a warrant
A02013Requires that the governor's article 7 appropriation bills be specifically itemized to assure accountability
A02014Relates to the content of statements of campaign receipts, contributions, transfers and expenditures to and by political committees
A02015Provides that the state legislature be subject to the same freedom of information laws as other state agencies; repealer
A02016Relates to the definition of a public body pursuant to the open meetings law
A02017Relates to procedures for change of enrollment
A02018Treats parent corporations and their 50% or more owned subsidiaries as one entity for purposes of the applicability of certain campaign contribution limits
A02019Lowers the annual candidate contribution limit from $150,000 to $75,000
A02020Requires additional disclosures from lobbyists
A02036Provides that no school shall be in session on general election day
A02040Provides additional opportunity for new registrant by mail to indicate choice of party enrollment where original choice omitted
A02042Relates to voter pre-registration
A02043Increases allowable maximum income of persons occupying rental units otherwise eligible for tax abatement in certain cases
A02045Removes limitations on voting by absentee ballot that are required by the constitution
A02046Relates to animal control and licensing of animals; makes various amendments to dog licensing laws in N.Y. city; establishes an animal population control fund; repealer
A02047Grants private citizens broad authorization to commence civil judicial actions under certain titles of the environmental conservation law
A02048Relates to the reduction of mercury in mercury-added lamps
A02049Establishes the computer security act
A02050Provides for a prohibition on trapping animals for sport
A02058Relates to funds of the state
A02059Provides restrictions upon the use of state aircraft
A02060Requires landlord to pay penalties if he fails in action to evict tenant on grounds of primary residency
A02061Sets criteria for approval of rent increases resulting from major capital improvements in certain dwellings
A02062Enacts the corporate accountability for tax expenditures act
A02063Provides for the tenant rights omnibus act to provide for certain tenant and rental property maintenance requirements
A02064Relates to making the provisions governing liquor licenses consistent with respect to public interest factors
A02098Provides enhanced sentencing for the offenses of criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sale of a firearm
A02099Provides that qualified persons who are not registered to vote may register on a day of election at their polling places
A02100Prohibits the use of official position for political fundraising
A02101Relates to definition of tropical hardwoods for purposes of state purchasing restrictions
A02102Provides for ballot pamphlets for general elections and repeals provision for distribution of copies of constitutional amendments
A02103Amends provisions of the election law to address certain issues affecting village elections
A02104Reduces the time for mailing and receipt of registration application to constitutional minimum
A02105Allows absentee voting for persons unable to vote due to duties, occupation, business, personal matters or studies
A02106Provides that purchasers and sellers of real property shall be provided with voter registration forms at closing
A02107Provides for the provision of voter registration forms to students by colleges, universities and public school districts
A02108Relates to the timing of mailing of absentee ballots
A02109Establishes an instant runoff voting method for certain local elections; provides for repeal of such provisions
A02110Requires residential real property managers to be licensed by secretary of state
A02111Creates a temporary state commission on personal privacy and provides for its powers, functions and duties
A02112Imposes a tax on wages and self employment income earned within New York city by resident and nonresident individuals, estates, and trusts
A02181Relates to alternative hardship applications for properties subject to the rent stabilization code
A02182Enacts energy efficiency standards for televisions
A02183Establishes the farm pesticide collection program for the collection and disposal of pesticides from farms within the state
A02184Enacts the energy conservation and water temperature management act
A02185Relates to payment for sanitation services provided to the New York city housing authority
A02186Requires notice to the local housing agency when construction is halted on a project for which an application for a certain tax exemption has been made
A02187Allows retroactively to apply the rent reduction based upon failure to maintain services for accommodations regulated by the rent stabilization law
A02484Relates to instruction in the humane treatment of animals and the requirement of training in the humane treatment of animals for the certification of teachers
A02605Relates to absentee ballots for fire district elections
A02625Enables employees to receive electronic confirmation of direct deposit in lieu of paper pay stubs
A02626Requires certain information to be provided on a real property transfer form
A02627Prohibits deceptive practices and the suppression of voters, and increases penalties for violations of the elective franchise
A02628Prohibits the state from entering into certain contracts with companies requiring employees to stipulate to binding arbitration for all disputes
A02698Prohibits the imposition of additional charges for unlisted telephone numbers or private numbers
A02699Relates to payment of disability benefits
A02748Changes the state fiscal year from April first to June first, changes time frames for school district elections and notice of elections and submission of a property tax report card
A02750Prevents landlords from receiving a financial windfall from major capital improvements funded by the New York state energy and research development authority
A02751Relates to the sale of tonic water, bitters and maraschino cherries at liquor stores
A02752Provides for a June 1 to May 31 state fiscal year; repealer
A02777Relates to the use of wood in subway and railroad tracks; prohibits the use of tropical hardwood
A03098Prohibits idling by heavy-duty vehicles
A03099Relates to limiting the use of certain substances in brake friction material
A03100Provides for disclosure of memoranda of understanding regarding certain line item appropriations in the state budget
A03101Relates to the sale or purchase of human body parts
A03181Establishes a 10 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm
A03186Prohibits the purchase of more than 1 firearm during any period of 30 days
A03193Provides requirement to report lost or stolen firearms within 72-hours to local police authorities
A03242Establishes a safety course requirement for firearm license
A03321Requires persons possessing any firearm to hold a firearms safety certificate
A03322Bans the sale, use or possession of 50-caliber weapons
A03364Regulates firearms and ammunition dealers
A03452Exempts pet food from sales and compensating use taxes
A03796Requires county boards to create systems for processing electronic requests for absentee ballots
A03797Establishes a carpet stewardship program
A03907Authorizes utility corporations, telegraph and telephone corporations, and cable television corporations to provide notice of bills to third parties
A04115Relates to the composition of boards of elections
A04393Creates a sustainable development task force to study the feasibility of adopting a regulatory system to achieve goal of sustainable development
A04693Provides for a change in the early morning hour to open the polls for voting in New York city
A04946Authorizes shareholders to attend meetings via remote communication and to be deemed present for voting purposes
A04973Relates to food service waste reduction
A06542Enacts the unified economic development budget act
A06691Repeals provisions of law granting real property tax exemption to certain entities
A07000Creates the offense of criminal use of a firearm in connection with a crime; repealer
A07013Relates to instant run-off elections in N.Y. city
A07195Prohibits candidates from authorizing more than one political committee for any one election
A07249Relates to environmental restoration investigation projects upon parcels in tax lien foreclosure proceedings
A07343Relates to rent increases after vacancy of a housing accommodation; repealer
A07863Establishes and empowers a neighborhood parks alliance within the New York city department of parks and recreation
A08050Authorizes an agency in N.Y city to send notices, bills and other communications by electronic means
A08734Prohibits the manufacture, distribution, sale and use of commercial feed for poultry containing roxarsone or any substance containing arsenic
A08767Enacts the Fair Local Wage Act allowing localities to raise minimum wage by thirty percent
A08886Relates to banning formaldehyde in certain children's products
A09468Prohibits the purchase of more than 1 firearm during any period of 30 days and implements a 10-day waiting period
A09744Relates to tax abatements and exemptions for rent regulated apartments occupied by persons with disabilities
A09889Prohibits the New York city housing authority from making payments in lieu of taxes to the city of New York
A09890Provides for the phase-out of state use of pesticides on state property and for state agency pest management plans

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A09932Relates to transparency and accountability in political expenditures and receipts
A09959Enacts the State and local government food waste reduction Act

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00022   A00202   A00236   A00238   A00239   A00299   A00305   A00315   A00344   A00413   A00414   A00418   A00419   A00424   A00431   A00436   A00443   A00456   A00479   A00499   A00504   A00505   A00525   A00555   A00583   A00605   A00641   A00642   A00649   A00689   A00690   A00698   A00745   A00751   A00779   A00828   A00846   A00848   A00888   A00971   A00977   A00986   A00988   A00997   A01038   A01046   A01048   A01068   A01076   A01102   A01128   A01204   A01228   A01242   A01248   A01368   A01466   A01532   A01542   A01585   A01656   A01666   A01700   A01756   A01792   A01969   A01970   A01971   A01972   A01973   A01974   A01975   A01987   A02023   A02052   A02115   A02121   A02240   A02325   A02368   A02397   A02448   A02449   A02450   A02502   A02503   A02597   A02603   A02693   A02694   A02744   A02803   A02854   A02855   A02943   A02944   A02964   A02967   A03021   A03113   A03115   A03149   A03189   A03244   A03280   A03295   A03305   A03346   A03404   A03516   A03525   A03584   A03634   A03644   A03672   A03676   A03754   A03941   A03944   A04116   A04178   A04226   A04305   A04306   A04367   A04390   A04422   A04440   A04466   A04490   A04493   A04654   A04656   A04741   A04782   A04791   A04822   A04869   A04875   A04888   A04980   A05060   A05113   A05143   A05306   A05343   A05373   A05381   A05389   A05424   A05464   A05465   A05472   A05581   A05594   A05653   A05822   A05833   A05858   A05974   A05975   A06046   A06076   A06107   A06170   A06248   A06254   A06327   A06328   A06357   A06365   A06367   A06394   A06432   A06445   A06524   A06557   A06558   A06657   A06729   A06964   A06969   A06983   A07250   A07287   A07535   A07679   A07896   A08121   A08122   A08197   A08262   A08288   A08289   A08290   A08293   A08333   A08343   A08469   A08478   A08744   A08798   A08816   A08817   A08824   A09140   A09143   A09386   A09613   A09619   A09640   A09731   A09776   A09785   A09834  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09926   A09927   A10143   A10144   A10193  

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