Kavanagh Meets with Community Education Council President to Discuss Enrollment and School Governance Issues

June 5, 2009

Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh met on June 5, 2009 with the President of the Community Education Council for District Two, Rebecca Daniels, to discuss the immediate issue of class enrollment and longer-term questions about how the school system should be governed, proper zoning procedures, and sufficient room and building availability. As the current system of governance for New York City schools expires on June 30th, Kavanagh has been involved in frequent, ongoing meetings with Assembly colleagues, advocates, and parents regarding legislation pending before the Assembly and the Senate that would specify how the school system will be governed going forward. Kavanagh will continue to work with all parties in an attempt to provide greater equity, more transparency and more effective oversight, a clearer system of parental input, and a system of local Department of Education administrators and parent representatives who are able to address and solve local problems.