Kavanagh Calls for True Bus Rapid Transit on East Side

December 8, 2009

On December 7, 2009, Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh, joined by numerous other elected officials representing communities on the East Side of Manhattan, wrote to New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan calling for the implementation of a true Bus Rapid Transit System on First and Second Avenues.

The letter notes that New York City has the slowest bus service in the United States, averaging 7.5 miles per hour, while the M15 bus that serves First and Second Avenues is even slower, averaging only 5.6 miles per hour. Assemblymember Kavanagh is determined to fight for improved public transportation that will benefit local air quality and the global environment and will make life easier for all who live in, work in, visit, or just pass through the area.

The City has already proposed improved bus service in the area that has been dubbed “select bus service.” Kavanagh and his colleagues applaud that proposal as far as it goes, but call on the City to go further and implement a true “bus rapid transit” system. The full text of the letter explains the differences between SBS and BRT and the benefits of the latter.

Questions or comments on this issue may be directed to Will Colegrove in Kavanagh’s district office at 212-979-9696.