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June 14, 2017
Assemblyman Jeffery Dinowitz spoke in support of legislation that, if enacted, would prohibit an owner/landlord from adjusting the amount of preferential rent upon the renewal of a lease.  "We had an experience just the past several weeks with a building in my district where the gas went out in December. We finally got the gas restored a week or two ago. It took seven months. Now, you think seven months is a long enough time for the landlord and the management to try to get the job done. And you would think tenants would be yelling and screaming about it, but in that building a very significant number of the tenants have preferential rent and they were afraid to say, thinking they were afraid to stand up for their rights because they know that on the next lease renewal, the landlord could jack up their rent by hundreds and hundreds of dollars," Assemblyman Dinowitz  said. (A-6285)