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Steven Otis
Assembly District 91
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04984Imposes an occupancy tax in the town or village of Mamaroneck
A04985Authorizes the town of Mamaroneck and the village of Mamaroneck to designate a portion of New York Route 1 as a school zone
A05000Prohibits disclosure of an insurance claim for surgical procedure to the claimant's employer by an insurance carrier or health maintenance organization
A05003Authorizes counties, cities, towns and villages to lease certain property for advertising
A05004Provides access to information on persons applying to be an auxiliary police officer
A05005Provides that the commissioner of general services shall give notice to the mayor or supervisor of a municipality of intent to lease or purchase real property
A05006Grants local authorities power to enact pesticide local laws, ordinances, and regulations, subject to certain limits, but which may be more stringent than state law
A05307Relates to the submission of electronic bids in the awarding of certain contracts in certain municipalities
A05308Relates to the establishment of safety requirements for moveable soccer goals
A06629Provides that the director of the office of professional medical conduct shall meet with complainants to review materials to be considered in charges of misconduct
A06639Includes public library systems within the definition of entities that are eligible to apply for local government efficiency grants
A07236Provides a limitation on actions to collect overcharges
A07237Authorizes Westchester county to require local marinas provide for watercraft holding tank sewage disposal; prohibits littering of waterways
A07238Directs public service commission to require telephone corporations to provide free directory information or assistance to certain eligible disabled persons
A07239Provides for recovery of economic development awards in cases where the recipient relocates outside the state
A07240Relates to consolidation and dissolution of local government entities
A07241Requires pre-sentence report and prohibits the waiver of pre-sentence investigation and a written report thereon in any instance involving a family offense
A07261Authorizes the commissioner of motor vehicles to promulgate regulations allowing a 3 year motor vehicle registration
A07364Regulates physician statements regarding certification and eligibility for certification by a private or public or parent association
A07854Authorizes an accusing party to submit a response to the dismissal of a complaint, inquiry, investigation or proceeding relating to conduct or discipline
A08164Authorizes the public service commission to issue fines to energy services companies that violate the do not call registry
A08185Relates to penalties for stealing of domesticated animals
A08236Establishes the offense of aiming a laser at an aircraft

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00050   A00088   A00211   A00238   A00239   A00280   A00307   A00363   A00443   A00456   A00478   A00482   A00483   A00493   A00496   A00498   A00499   A00517   A00523   A00535   A00540   A00590   A00630   A00746   A00751   A00753   A00756   A00775   A00860   A00871   A00889   A00909   A00945   A00986   A01003   A01038   A01040   A01041   A01046   A01048   A01104   A01195   A01204   A01233   A01279   A01358   A01408   A01411   A01488   A01499   A01501   A01507   A01544   A01623   A01663   A01700   A01729   A01771   A01783   A01881   A01883   A01886   A01917   A02048   A02094   A02124   A02129   A02180   A02182   A02189   A02191   A02193   A02240   A02287   A02312   A02327   A02335   A02347   A02488   A02562   A02566   A02581   A02673   A02677   A02727   A03189   A03339   A03346   A03479   A03515   A03525   A03561   A03630   A03634   A03663   A03734   A03757   A03762   A03843   A03902   A03905   A03944   A03952   A04125   A04196   A04331   A04440   A04470   A04613   A04741   A04843   A04973   A05060   A05075   A05109   A05113   A05131   A05230   A05266   A05294   A05302   A05309   A05352   A05387   A05414   A05424   A05439   A05464   A05465   A05564   A05583   A05689   A05692   A05723   A05781   A05786   A05837   A05850   A05936   A05941   A05958   A05965   A05987   A06024   A06059   A06106   A06146   A06213   A06220   A06231   A06239   A06327   A06328   A06357   A06360   A06367   A06371   A06441   A06502   A06503   A06524   A06537   A06557   A06558   A06571   A06593   A06594   A06640   A06701   A06710   A06729   A06790   A06820   A06859   A06863   A06913   A06945   A06949   A06962   A06979   A07003   A07056   A07086   A07104   A07119   A07144   A07167   A07173   A07205   A07243   A07248   A07284   A07312   A07316   A07320   A07345   A07351   A07352   A07395   A07475   A07635   A07666   A07872   A07878   A07885   A07887   A07896   A08045   A08070   A08082   A08085   A08121   A08122   A08137   A08190   A08201   A08214   A08227   A08230   A08242   A08250   A08270   A08281   A08300   A08301   A08310   A08316   A08320   A08340   A08367   A08392   A08399   A08418   A08442   A08443   A08467   A08472   A08473   A08474   A08476   A08478   A08481   A08482   A08497   A08583   A08594   A08607   A08609   A08612   A08631   A08649   A08653   A08710   A08712   A08732   A08744   A08763   A08764   A08769   A08776   A08777   A08778   A08779   A08780   A08781   A08785   A08804   A08806   A08812   A08819   A08824   A08841   A08849   A08860   A08874   A08875   A08902   A08903   A08917   A08918   A08919   A08921   A08922   A08923   A08924   A08925   A08926   A08945   A08954   A08955   A08975   A08984   A08986   A08987   A09000   A09027   A09037   A09040   A09053   A09062   A09084   A09087   A09096   A09117   A09118   A09124   A09135   A09139   A09207   A09211   A09212   A09214   A09240   A09244   A09249   A09251   A09270   A09287   A09288   A09289   A09290   A09291   A09334   A09342   A09346  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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