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Abinanti Introduces Legislation to Abolish the Justice Center

Tarrytown – Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D- Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant) has introduced legislation to abolish the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs. “After four years, it is clear that the Justice Center is...

March 31, 2017
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Abinanti Introduces Bill to Ban Drones Near New York Correctional Facilities

Tarrytown – Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D-Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant) has introduced legislation to ban civilian use of drones near New York correctional facilities. “The use of drones near correctional facilities could jeopardize the safety and...

March 23, 2017
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Assembly Passes STAR Reform

Tarrytown – The New York State Assembly has passed bill A.5969, co-sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D- Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant), which would reform the State’s School Tax Relief (STAR) program to eliminate barriers to...

March 6, 2017
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Abinanti Proposes that State Pay for Special Education

Tarrytown – “All students deserve an education which allows them to develop their abilities to the fullest extent possible,” said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D- Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant) as he called for the State to pay for all costs of special...

February 23, 2017
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Abinanti Calls for State to Establish Revolving Student Loan Program

Tarrytown – “Students shouldn’t have to pay for the cost of post-secondary education for their entire lives,” said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D-Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant). “Some form of higher education is a necessity today and most have to borrow at...

February 21, 2017
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