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Aileen M. Gunther
Assembly District 100
Chair, Mental Health Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01078Requires certain nursery school operators to file with the office of children and family services and to fingerprint applicants for purpose of conducting searches
A01079Relates to state aid for certain towns adversely affected by a concentration of tax exempt property
A01102Requires the fair campaign code to require campaign literature and other mass media identify the person, political party or committee authorizing such media
A01103Relates to mandatory health insurance coverage for providing prosthetic devices
A01104Directs the commissioners of health and environmental conservation to study and develop a long term strategy to encourage outdoor environmental education and recreation
A01105Exempts traps set in water from the requirement that they be visited once every 24 hours
A01166Relates to restrictions on consecutive hours of work for nurses in the office of children and family services
A01167Provides that demonstration rates of payment for telehealth services by home health agencies, long term home health care and AIDS home care shall be paid equitably
A01168Prohibits medicaid's use of any prior approval or preferred drug list requirement for AIDS, HIV, infection, or hepatitis C
A01169Relates to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research and education
A01170Establishes the sexual assault forensic examiner grant program
A01171Creates a legislative task force on outdoor environmental education and recreation
A01172Provides definition of integrated pest management
A01173Creates a state board for national certification of school nurse grant program
A01193Allows for two or more counties to enter into a contract for the provision of a county jail
A01194Grants each of the representatives of the counties of Dutchess, Putnam, Orange and Rockland a vote during the proceedings of the metropolitan transportation authority
A01195Relates to notification to victims of service of orders of protection
A01264Requires the provisions of reasonable accommodations for pregnant women
A01265Authorizes municipal legislative bodies to enact local laws and ordinances providing for mediation of land use decisions
A01266Relates to coverage for prenatal vitamins
A01267Increases to $50,000 the cost of the construction of a building, structure or public work, above which an engineer, land surveyor or architect must be utilized
A01268Allows local governments to merge their corporate structure through local initiative
A01269Prohibits operation of any motor vehicle equipped with device which affects the operation of traffic-control signals
A01270Establishes a non-trail snowmobile registration for snowmobiles which shall be used solely for the purpose of gaining access to hunting and fishing areas
A01271Relates to the exemption from taxation for non-profit organizations
A01272Defines a bill of rights for persons with autism or autism spectrum disorders
A01345Provides that all public schools shall include as a part of health education instruction concerning the prevention and reporting of sexual abuse and assault
A01346Establishes a distinctive "Pink Ribbon" license plate and provides for the use of the service charge for breast cancer education and support
A01357Requires any proposed increase in fares by the metropolitan commuter transportation authority shall be submitted to the state comptroller for approval
A01361Relates to management of wildlife resources
A01362Relates to junior small and big game hunting license and the use of crossbows; repealer
A01393Requires purchasers of real property within 500 feet of an agricultural district to be provided with disclosure of farming activities within such district
A01395Exempts parties liable for failure to obey or enforce domestic violence orders of protection or temporary orders of protection from limited liability provisions
A01396Prohibits certain sex offenders from entering a school bus or within one thousand feet of a school bus stop
A01397Exempts certain consolidated school districts from provisions of law requiring re-computation upon sale of building aid
A01399Authorizes the holder of a junior small game license to hunt deer and bear with the use of a muzzle-loading gun during muzzle-loading firearm season
A01400Relates to developing comprehensive care centers for autism spectrum disorders
A01401Requires biennial referendum of student body at public universities and colleges to determine whether student activity fees are voluntary or mandatory
A01402Relates to restrictions on consecutive hours of work for non-nursing direct care staff
A01403Includes certified nursing assistants in provisions of law relating to restrictions on consecutive hours of work
A01404Provides for an additional personal tax exemption for taxpayers who care for certain family members 70 or over
A01405Relates to the enforcement of taxes in certain school districts
A01406Prohibits assessors from increasing the assessments of forestland based on the stumpage value of the trees thereon
A01407Relates to the maintenance, improvement and repair of certain town highways
A01408Establishes distinctive "I love NYS parks" license plates and "New York state park revolving fund"
A01485Establishes the New York certified retirement community program within the office for the aging
A01486Requires poultry products treated with antibiotics containing arsenic to bear a label so indicating
A01487Regulates farm pond dams
A01488Authorizes school district property to be used for not-for-profit dental clinics providing care to families in the district
A01489Requires that a registered professional nurse be in each school when medically fragile students are in attendance or when students are at major risk of injury
A01490Relates to a parent's right to know if an employee, volunteer or an administrator of a school district is reprimanded for inappropriate conduct towards their child
A01491Establishes voluntary licensure of master electricians by the department of state
A01492Establishes voluntary licensure of master plumbers by the department of state
A01493Requires the commissioner of correctional services to enter into agreements to house local inmates to alleviate overcrowding in local correctional facilities
A01494Establishes the sex offender alert line to permit members of the public to request notification of the residence of a registered sex offender in certain zip codes
A01495Increases availability of adult day health care program by allowing for fifty slots, without regard of public need
A01496Creates the farmland preservation advisory board
A01497Requires certain school districts to employ a minimum of one school nurse
A01498Relates to assault of certain persons providing direct patient care
A01499Provides for employment limits for level three sex offenders to outside a five hundred feet radius of a daycare or school
A01500Designates security hospital treatment assistants in the office of mental health as peace officers
A01501Includes individuals with a mental defect as a victim under sexual abuse in the first degree
A01502Relates to making graffiti in a manner to promote or encourage gang related activities a class E felony
A01503Authorizes claiming authorities to retain certain property for law enforcement purposes in civil forfeiture actions for the proceeds of a crime
A01504Provides that an elementary or secondary student shall not have capacity to consent to sexual conduct with a school employee
A01544Enhances the assisted outpatient treatment program and eliminates the expiration and repeal of Kendra's Law
A01545Relates to suspension of lottery retailer licenses for violations of the public health law
A01619Creates a small business electric energy tax credit
A01620Provides that excess investment tax credit amounts may be refundable to operators of a farm operation
A01621Requires a study of the fiscal impacts of changing education funding from a real property tax-based mechanism to an income tax-based mechanism
A01622Establishes a distinctive "New York recycles" license plate, with the proceeds therefrom deposited into the solid waste account of the environmental protection fund
A01623Authorizes county highway superintendents to rent road machinery from any city, town or village
A01624Abbagail's law prohibits supervising drivers from acting under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
A01625Exempting certain school organizations from sales tax on certain items sold or resold and services provided for educational purposes
A01626Establishes a credit against income tax for wind electric generating equipment expenditures
A01627Directs the commissioner of environmental conservation to create gift cards for hunting and fishing licenses
A01628Enacts the New York state nursing shortage correction act
A01630Establishes the New York state nursing faculty scholarship incentive program
A01631Authorizes distinctive license plates for recipients of the Bronze or Silver star
A01632Relates to the hours worked by nurses
A01702Requires insurance coverage for the HALO breast pap test to detect risk of developing breast cancer
A01703Relates to the liability of landowners who permit recreational uses of their land
A01704Relates to the right to hunt, trap and fish
A01705Protects certain information on hunting, fishing and trapping license and permit applications from disclosure
A01706Provides that regulatory mandates imposed upon a school district shall not take effect until the subsequent school year
A01707Authorizing cities and villages to collect delinquent real property taxes
A01708Relates to the exemption from taxation for non-profit organizations; repealer
A01709Authorizes fire districts to impose ad valorem levies and special assessments on otherwise tax exempt real property
A01710Caps the amount of taxes a senior has to pay on his or her real property at the amount such individual paid in the year in which he or she turned 70
A01711Sets a 7 year limit to the real property tax exemption for unimproved property of mandatory class nonprofit organizations
A01712Authorizes state reimbursement to municipal corporations for tax revenue lost and expenses incurred as a result of the reduced assessment of forest land
A01714Requires governmental unit which proposes to sponsor a public project within a municipality with zoning to determine whether the project is immune from such zoning
A01715Requires video cameras to be placed on the entrance/exits of all facilities run by the office for people with developmental disabilities
A01716Authorizes special access to hunting and fishing grounds on state land for handicapped individuals
A01717Moratorium on the prohibition of feeding white-tailed deer in Sullivan county
A01718Creates a state-wide database of all donations of tissue or non-transplant organs procured by an organ procurement organization or a procurement organization
A01719Authorizes adult day care programs to provide certain services at the site of a voluntary residential health care facility rightsizing demonstration program
A01720Establishes the nurse loan repayment program
A01721Creates a rural home health flexibility program
A01847Relates to aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the first degree
A02008Relates to amounts payable for medical assistance for items and services provided to eligible persons
A02180Enacts the "safe patient handling act"
A02266Requires any hospital that provides birthing services to provide written, educational material containing information about premature, newborn infants
A02267Authorizes the commissioner of health to award grants without competitive bid under the health care efficiency and affordability program to home care services
A02273Provides for the impoundment and forfeiture of machinery, motor vehicles, aircraft and equipment after a previous conviction of illegally harvesting timber
A02274Permits certain nurses and patients to exercise the authority under the existing nurse practice act for the provision of care at home
A02314Requires parole violators to be transferred to state correctional facilities after 10 days in a local correctional facility
A02315Relates to foundation aid and the minimum local contribution thereto
A02317Permits state lottery winners to remain anonymous to the general public
A02318Prohibits people registered under the sex offender registration act from being a volunteer firefighter
A02319Requires county medical examiners or coroners to give the state police forensic laboratory DNA samples of unidentified dead or alive and missing persons upon request
A02381Authorizes the free use of campsites to any person who is semi-ambulatory
A02382Relates to allowing veterans to fish for free in state parks
A03479Provides that residential buildings shall be deemed eligible buildings for the green building tax credit
A03773Provides personal income tax credits for cold war veterans who own tangible real property
A04718Relates to capital awards to vendor tracks
A04843Exempts certain expenditures relating to school safety from tax levy limits
A04849Relates to the speed limits in certain towns
A04856Relates to eliminating the earnings limitation for retired police officers employed as school resource officers
A05122Excludes the value of state forest preserve lands in the Adirondack and Catskill parks from use in the determination of state aid to school districts
A05294Establishes the eating disorders awareness and prevention program in the the department of health
A05318Provides that the regulation of pesticides in New York state shall conform to the standards set by the environmental protection agency; repealer
A05416Relates to establishing a campsite reservation preference for state residents
A05572Relates to the fine for not timely paying the statutory fees for the inspection of boilers and the inspection of places of public assembly
A05664Regulates occupational therapy assistants, state board for occupational therapy, license requirements and exceptions; repealer
A05953Establishes a gift for eliminating the stigma relating to mental illness on personal income tax returns
A06074Requires the division of criminal justice services to include all sex crimes of an offender on the registered sex offender database
A06075Directs the board of regents and the state education department to develop a model for improved articulation of the education program for career mobility
A06442Removes the requirement for annual visual inspections of school buildings
A06443Enacts the "Commitment to Military Education Act" to provide tuition assistance to members of the armed forces who were enrolled in a tuition assistance program cancelled or suspended
A06521Requires investigation of all reports of child abuse made to the statewide central register of child abuse by hospitals, or medical or law enforcement personnel
A06534Authorizes shooting preserves and shooting clubs to sell ammunition for exclusive use on the premises thereof without being deemed a "seller of ammunition"
A06735Extends the authority of Orange county to impose an additional rate of sales and compensating use taxes
A06962Creates the managed care for persons with developmental disabilities advocacy program
A07490Relates to certain members who re-enter public service
A07659Relates to training for staff in residential mental health treatment units programs inside correctional facilities
A07721Establishes a community housing wait list
A07737Requires the office of mental health to establish a training program for the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder
A07815Increases the personal income tax credit for certain household and dependent care services necessary for gainful employment during tax years commencing on or after 2014
A07842Enacts the "communities of excellence mental health reinvestment act"; repealer
A07899Establishes the hospital-home care-physician collaboration program in the department of health
A07909Grants employees of employers, which provide services pursuant to the mental hygiene law, protection from retaliatory actions for the reporting of certain violations
A07910Requires employees and volunteers providing services to persons with developmental disabilities to complete certain training
A08001Designates Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) as a communicable disease, and requires general hospitals to identify, track and report upon such disease
A08128Provides that self employment activities, for the purposes of unemployment, shall include training and counseling on establishing a business
A08175Relates to waiver of caller identification service fees when providing services to volunteer fire companies
A08184Creates junior big game hunting license; describes rights and duties
A08204Creates the crimes of unlawful dissemination of an intimate image in the first and second degrees as a class E felony and class A misdemeanor, respectively
A08304Prohibits advertising through technological, electronic, email or internet tools or venues
A08352Relates to broadening the definition of a consumer
A08452Enacts the "people first act of 2014"
A08517Relates to community mental health reinvestment services; repealer
A08570Authorizes the city of Middletown to sell or pledge delinquent liens held by such city
A08582Relates to disqualification of employment for criminal history and the definition of ability to consent
A08598Relates to metropolitan commuter transportation district registration fee exemptions for farm vehicles
A08607Relates to the residence and domicile of sex offender registrants
A08649Relates to requiring credit cards to contain smart chip technology
A08682Provides for lifetime sportsman license for honorably discharged, disabled veterans
A08771Requires health care facilities to establish and implement safe patient handling programs
A08810Relates to aggravated harassment of an employee by an inmate
A08827Relates to providing tax credits for employees who have a developmental disability
A08835Relates to establishing a task force on adults with developmental disabilities
A08873Enacts the "integrated employment, economic development and safety net system for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities act"
A08916Enacts "Brittany's Law- Domestic Violence Prevention Act" requiring registration of violent felony offenders
A08924Relates to the creation of the child care regulatory review task force
A08962Relates to the residency of the Wallkill comptroller
A09031Relates to the fingerprinting of prospective child day care employees and sharing fingerprint results
A09109Authorizes retired firefighters to be employed as fire science instructors by career and technical education centers without reduction of benefits
A09174Authorizes the New York state teachers' retirement system to accept an application for disability retirement benefits from James O'Connell
A09268Provides that advanced EMTs may administer a blood transfusion during the transport to a hospital even if a physician or nurse is not present
A09293Defines integrated pest management
A09303Authorizes cemetery corporations to designate a community foundation as the trustee of a trust for the perpetual care, maintenance, improvement and embellishment of cemetery property
A09347Relates to meningococcal immunizations

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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