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Kieran Michael Lalor
Assembly District 105
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A06781Enacts term limits for members of the legislature
A06782Reduces the salary for members of the legislature by ten percent
A06783Allows members of the state legislature to receive a reduced salary
A06784Reduces the annual salary of member of the assembly Kieran Michael Lalor by ten percent
A07288Makes membership in the state retirement system optional for members of the legislature
A07289Reduces travel expenses and per diems for members of the legislature living less than one hundred and twenty-five miles from the capitol
A07290Eliminates allowances for members of the legislature serving as an officer of either house except for the leaders in each house of either party
A07368Constitutional amendment to increase the length of the term of senate members to four years and imposing term limits on all members of the legislature to twelve years
A07434Reduces the amount available to the empire state film production tax credit; restores $90 million in funding to the office of people with developmental disabilities; appropriation
A07564Limits the state tax on motor and Diesel fuels to the national average; repealer
A07570Requires all plea agreements offered to public officers and former public officers to include pension forfeiture
A08130Proposes an amendment to the constitution prohibiting certain unfunded mandates or political subdivisions of the state
A08131Repeals the START-UP NY program
A08721Permits sentences for two or more crimes committed through a single act to run consecutively when one of such crimes is a homicide.
A08950Makes the yearly renewals of the enhanced STAR exemption automatic
A09229Relates to the financing of community colleges
A09273Repeals subdivision 6 of section 420.10 of the criminal procedure law, relating to the ability of a sentencing court to reduce a restitution order in a criminal sentence to a civil judgment
A09323Authorizes counties, municipalities and school districts to withdraw sponsorship of a community college
A09488Allows municipal volunteer fire department to have the option available to hold their annual meeting and election of company and chief officers in December of each year
A09502Prohibits municipalities from issuing government identification cards to illegal aliens
A09876Eliminates the requirement for home rule requests prior to enacting local legislation in certain cases
A09884Relates to the ACT assessment
A09885Relates to the issuance of a distinctive license plate for Iraq War and War in Afghanistan veterans
A09886Permits municipalities to use highway assistance payments for either capital projects or routine maintenance
A09888Relates to a shared animal ownership agreement
A09891Authorizes municipalities to issue tax rebates without prior approval
A09896Authorizes the village of Wappingers Falls to alienate and convey parkland and acquire other parcels of land to replace such parkland

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00088   A00563   A00824   A01556   A01587   A01591   A01771   A01802   A01808   A01811   A01814   A02088   A02336   A02873   A03084   A03291   A03293   A03363   A03576   A03787   A03788   A03789   A03790   A03793   A03794   A03795   A04113   A04158   A04246   A04249   A04296   A04498   A04506   A04530   A04562   A04581   A04598   A04623   A04736   A04737   A04762   A04825   A04935   A04991   A05029   A05039   A05062   A05073   A05086   A05105   A05106   A05249   A05255   A05280   A05475   A05608   A05659   A05734   A05839   A05955   A05956   A05991   A06146   A06161   A06238   A06375   A06442   A06443   A06463   A06464   A06466   A06473   A06475   A06479   A06494   A06566   A06719   A06788   A06813   A06820   A07110   A07122   A07159   A07162   A07173   A07393   A07417   A07994   A08126   A08259   A08382   A08388   A08403   A08413   A08416   A08424   A08603   A08607   A08658   A08756   A08844   A08876   A08949   A08998   A09040   A09091   A09150   A09352  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10126   A10168  

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