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Kieran Michael Lalor
Assembly District 105
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03620Limits the state tax on motor and Diesel fuels to the national average; repealer
A03625Authorizes counties, municipalities and school districts to withdraw sponsorship of a community college
A03629Makes the yearly renewals of the enhanced STAR exemption automatic
A03638Authorizes municipalities to issue tax rebates without prior approval
A03664Relates to the issuance of a distinctive license plate for Iraq War and War in Afghanistan veterans
A03686Permits municipalities to use highway assistance payments for either capital projects or routine maintenance
A03687Prohibits municipalities from issuing government identification cards to illegal aliens
A03689Relates to a shared animal ownership agreement
A03690Repeals subdivision 6 of section 420.10 of the criminal procedure law, relating to the ability of a sentencing court to reduce a restitution order in a criminal sentence to a civil judgment
A03779Relates to the financing of community colleges
A03781Makes membership in the state retirement system optional for members of the legislature
A03783Enacts term limits for members of the legislature
A03791Proposes an amendment to the constitution prohibiting certain unfunded mandates or political subdivisions of the state
A04031Relates to the ACT assessment
A04379Repeals the START-UP NY program
A04626Eliminates allowances for members of the legislature serving as an officer of either house except for the leaders in each house of either party
A04627Reduces travel expenses and per diems for members of the legislature living less than one hundred and twenty-five miles from the capitol
A04641Requires all plea agreements offered to public officers and former public officers to include pension forfeiture
A05366Allows the municipal volunteer fire department of the village of Fishkill to have the option available to hold its annual meeting and election of company and chief officers in December of each year
A05395Relates to granting STAR exemptions in certain cases
A05396Requires the head of a law enforcement department to enforce a special schedule on Memorial day/Veterans' day that allows law enforcement officers who are veterans to take such leave
A05401Provides that veterans who receive tax exemptions granted by school districts shall remain eligible for all tax rebates such veterans would have been eligible for in the absence of such exemptions
A05409Increases the amount of money a retired police officer may earn in a position of school safety officer to $32,500
A05410Removes the income earning limitations for police officers employed as school safety officers
A06514Relates to requiring a company receiving funding under the economic development law to disclose the number of its employees having been issued an H1-B visa
A06533Requires disclosure of the total number of employees of a company receiving money pursuant to the economic development law

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00317   A00377   A00530   A00787   A01604   A01660   A01700   A01726   A01775   A01819   A02024   A02032   A02299   A02301   A02440   A02444   A02460   A02503   A02504   A02516   A02532   A02546   A02872   A03242   A03350   A03637   A03649   A03652   A03662   A03667   A03676   A03681   A03684   A03691   A03714   A03717   A03718   A03719   A03722   A03784   A03827   A03862   A03863   A03876   A03916   A03923   A03937   A03943   A03988   A04002   A04032   A04159   A04285   A04359   A04391   A04473   A04483   A04503   A04505   A04515   A04583   A04617   A04643   A04659   A04683   A04803   A04804   A04809   A04811   A04818   A05142   A05177   A05898   A06025   A06101  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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