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James Tedisco
Assembly District 112
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01417Relates to providing a tax credit for qualified expenses relating to healthy living
A01441Relates to plea bargaining and personal court appearances by certain driver's license holders
A01444Establishes the bystander protection act
A01445Increases certain penalties for violating the prohibition of animal fighting and for aggravated cruelty to animals
A01446Requires employers and information technology employees to report child pornography to the state police
A01447Relates to vulnerable elderly persons
A01553Requires state and county inmates to make medical co-payments
A01596Expands the definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include harm to a companion animal during the commission of a felony
A01600Prohibits a person convicted of violating "Buster's Law" from owning or possessing a companion animal
A01601Requires the assent of a two-thirds majority of the members elected to each branch of the legislature prior to the immediate vote on any legislation which has not aged for three days
A01604Prohibits the passage of bills by the legislature between the hours of midnight and eight o'clock a.m. unless two-thirds of the legislature is present and requires two-thirds approval for messages of nece
A01626Establishes additional restrictions on the parole and relocation of sex offenders
A01673Imposes additional penalties upon persons convicted of animal abuse
A01686Relates to the penalty for the offense of predatory sexual assault against a child
A01726Provides for the recall power of the electors to remove an elective officer
A01738Enacts "Charlamagne's law" to make the failure to provide food, water or appropriate shelter to a companion animal left outside a felony
A01741Adds elderly persons to disaster preparedness registries and creates a state emergency assistance database
A01762Requires legislative approval for the closure of correctional facilities and institutions
A02014Enacts "Charlotte's Law" relating to the permanent termination of licenses of persistent vehicle and traffic law violators
A02017Provides for the establishment of standards for the permanent revocation of a license or operating privileges for persistent vehicle and traffic law offenders
A02018Creates the veterans' outreach advisory board and authorizes a tax check-off for gifts to such board
A02024Relates to certain assault crimes which include the aid or encouragement of additional persons
A02157Establishes an elderly dental insurance coverage program; appropriation
A02311Requires parents to submit proof of age and nature of parental relation upon enrolling child in school
A02334Provides that crimes committed against a person on school grounds shall be deemed to be one category higher than the specified crime the person committed
A02342Authorizes imposition of life imprisonment without parole sentence for persistent violent felony offenders; repealer
A02349Includes certain residences and private property within the definition of "school grounds" for the purposes of a certain controlled substance offense
A02353Limits ownership or possession of companion animals by "Buster's Law" violators
A02365Enacts the "chronic criminal act"
A02377Eliminates residency requirement for the chief animal law enforcement officer of a county and authorizes animal societies and pounds to spay, neuter and release cats
A02418Enacts the "community needs integrity act" and establishes the community need review commission
A02426Provides for a special election to fill vacancies in the office of United States senator from this state; repealer
A02435Relates to providing additional reimbursement to school districts for expenses incurred for failure to receive timely payments of state aid
A02437Enacts the "over-expenditure, under-expenditure, transfer notification (OUT) act" to provide for the use of surplus appropriated funds and over-expenditure approval
A02441Requires legislative approval of any increased fees, rental or charges for the use of the thruway
A02460Requires propositions authorizing creation of a state debt to contain an estimate of the debt service payable and publish an explanation thereof
A02485Requires that any bill which provides revenue to the state in a non-recurring manner shall pass by a two-thirds majority in order to become law
A02496Establishes a baccalaureate and associate nursing assistance program
A02506Establishes an exemption from the state personal income tax for certain veterans seventy-five years of age or older
A02642Creates New York state regulatory review council; expands scope of regulatory impact statements
A02643Grants taxpayers an automatic extension to file a return and pay taxes in certain cases
A02667Provides for corporate franchise tax and personal income gifts for the Helping Our Military in Emergencies (HOME) fund and establishes such fund
A02711Provides for inmate reimbursement of expenses of confinement in certain instances
A02718Places limitation upon personal income tax levy by the state of New York
A02719Creates the crime of aggravated harassment of a family member of a person in active military service
A03045Requires propositions authorizing creation of a state debt to contain an estimate of the debt service payable and publish an explanation thereof
A03322Provides for the governor to fill a vacancy for the offices of comptroller and attorney-general
A03331Provides for a personal income tax credit for ten percent of the cost of long term health care insurance premiums
A03332Relates to the payment of compensation and allowances to members of the state legislature
A03333Assesses a penalty upon legislature and governor for late budget
A03452Requires the prior approval of the appropriate legislative committees required of agency rules and regulations
A03453Relates to the employment of veterans with disabilities by municipalities
A03477Establishes a giving internships for disabled veterans not fully employed program (G.I.V.E. Back NY)
A03562Creates the alternative fuel incentive fund; creates the alternative fuels credit; establishes alternative fuel grants; appropriation
A03605Requires employers and volunteer organizations to conduct a criminal history check of child care employees and volunteers
A03606Grants personal income taxpayers with a credit of $1.00 per day for each day after April 1 until the legislature enacts the state budget
A03758Prohibits certain borrowing arrangements
A03760Exempts from state income taxation the first $250,000 earned by four-year college graduates or the first $150,000 earned by two-year graduates
A03778Relates to speed limits on state highways
A03872Requires the estimated cost of mandated expenditures and appropriations within the body of the bill
A03918Provides loans, grants and incentives to promote studies in math, science and technology or any other high-tech field deemed appropriate
A04009Relates to benefits for certain active or retired members of the New York state organized militia
A04185Creates the child support work program for county jails
A04351Establishes a self-employed taxpayer credit
A04632Requires equal distribution of legislative staff and resources
A04636Prohibits increase in state legislator's salary or allowance during lame duck session
A05276Provides a tax credit for spay or neuter services
A05340Enacts the "legislative online digital paperwork reduction act"
A05432Repeals article 26 of the tax law known as the estate tax
A05523Establishes the bullet-proof vests for officers fund
A06025Enacts the common core parental refusal act
A06351Relates to eligibility to assume office for certain elected officials owing past-due tax liabilities
A06625Relates to implementing a dangerous dog owner alert system
A07138Increases the penalties for owners of dangerous dogs
A07152Establishes competitive paperwork reduction project grants
A07475Authorizes the village of Scotia, in the county of Schenectady, to offer firefighter Daniel Marchand an optional 20 year retirement plan
A07540Relates to mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse or maltreatment
A07569Relates to student eligibility for a high school diploma upon passing either a regents competency test or regents examination in certain subjects
A07649In relation to replacement of an automobile which is determined to be a total loss

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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