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Dan Stec
Assembly District 114
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04510Makes residential facilities controlled by state agencies subject to local site plan review
A04511Eliminates requirement for consent of an authority having jurisdiction over state land in the Adirondack park when the location of a highway thereon is changed
A04512Establishes a forestry stewardship and habitat conservation credit for personal income and business franchise taxes
A04513Directs commissioner of transportation, upon finding that a bridge has defects, to establish and implement an emergency plan for drivers and communities affected
A04523Authorizes state residents to gather fallen timber from the floor of the state forest preserve when such timber is within 50 feet of a public highway
A04616Relates to development of a permit system to provide disabled veterans access to certain restricted bodies of water through the use of float planes
A04742Amends the definition of "newspaper"
A04743Redefines "campground" for the purposes of the Adirondack park
A04935Proposes the removal of pension and retirement benefits from persons convicted of certain felonies
A05546Establishes the Corinth and Warren railroad authority to improve and operate a 56 mile section of railroad
A06094Relates to gun control, repealer
A06592Extends the authorization granted to the county of Essex to impose an additional three-quarters of one percent of sales and compensating use taxes
A07464Authorizes the payment of ordinary disability retirement benefits by the New York state teachers' retirement system to the widow of Lawrence L. Allen
A08000Authorizes the Adirondack Medical Center to operate a part-time off-campus emergency department in the town of North Elba, county of Essex
A08445Authorizes health care professionals licensed in other jurisdictions and appointed by World Triathlon Corporation to practice in this state at a triathlon
A08616Relates to the residency of certain officers of the village of Victory, county of Saratoga
A08701Provides for the election of an additional family court judge for the county of Warren
A08703Designates the Battenkill river as an inland waterway for the purposes of waterfront revitalization
A08704Designates the Schroon river as an inland waterway for the purposes of waterfront revitalization
A08711Authorizes Jaime Laczko to elect to participate in the optional 25 year retirement plan for forest rangers
A08759Extends Warren county's additional mortgage recording tax authorization until December 1, 2016
A08760Authorizes person holding the office of assistant district attorney in the county of Essex to reside in an adjoining county within the state
A08899Authorizes the town of Fort Ann, in the county of Washington, to diminish the area of the Lake Hadlock park district
A09008Exempts certain premises in the county of Warren from the prohibition on manufacturers having an interest in premises selling alcoholic beverages at retail
A09319Legalizes and validates certain bond anticipation notes issued by the village of Whitehall
A09320Legalizes and validates certain bond anticipation notes issued by the village of Whitehall, authorizes such village to issue additional notes and bonds
A09893Relates to expedited consideration for bills

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00318   A00382   A00384   A00682   A01394   A01499   A01504   A01567   A01573   A01703   A01716   A01731   A01735   A01941   A01986   A02026   A02088   A02240   A02283   A02482   A02873   A03084   A03352   A03480   A03746   A03773   A03795   A04202   A04287   A04332   A04357   A04363   A04447   A04449   A04450   A04567   A04575   A04581   A04621   A04723   A04762   A04776   A04849   A04866   A04901   A04907   A04955   A05001   A05044   A05045   A05048   A05122   A05280   A05359   A05394   A05441   A05451   A05538   A05573   A05608   A05681   A05872   A05951   A05955   A05991   A06011   A06089   A06205   A06343   A06347   A06375   A06387   A06441   A06443   A06494   A06534   A06813   A06926   A06971   A06974   A07065   A07082   A07092   A07124   A07173   A07259   A07393   A07401   A07434   A07588   A07701   A07703   A07776   A07778   A07994   A08159   A08180   A08230   A08254   A08565   A08599   A08607   A08666   A08712   A08784   A08788   A08791   A08792   A08796   A08799   A08803   A08808   A08811   A08824   A08838   A08844   A09177   A09178   A09536   A09538  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09927   A10052   A10143   A10168  

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