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December 6, 2017
"I realize how important EISEP (Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly) is and New York Connects, two programs that I have seen work in my home county where I'm from, we made just a little bit more of an investment in EISEP and the return on that investment was unbelievable in keeping people in their homes and age in place…are there any other innovative ideas or partnerships that we should be looking at or is it just simply a matter of keeping these programs more viable with more funding," asked Assemblyman Billy Jones of Bobbie Sackman, Member-Leader for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, the NY Caring Majority, during the public hearing held by the Assembly Standing Committee on Aging to explore the ways in which community-based non-medical services and programs provide cost-effective supports to seniors living in their homes and neighborhoods and look at new approaches to delivering these services. PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE