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Let’s Tell The Speaker We Want Ethics Reform Now

I cannot begin to count the ways New York government has disappointed its people. Corrupt elected officials have been dominating headlines over the last several years, with more recent focus on former Speaker Silver’s and former Senate Majority...

May 20, 2016
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Butler: Solutions To Heroin Epidemic Exist, Yet The Assembly Majority Still Refuses To Act

“I stand with Sens. Seward and Ritchie in their efforts to address New York’s heroin epidemic. I am pleased the Senate is taking up many of the solutions my colleagues and I proposed at the beginning of the year when we released our task force...

May 17, 2016
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Help And Hope Needed In The Heroin Epidemic

Heroin addiction can be found in nearly every demographic of society – men and women, young and old, and rich and poor. This drug is claiming the lives of people we love. And while many of us may not have direct experience with heroin addiction in...

May 16, 2016
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Butler: Tax Freedom Day A Reminder That We Need More Tax Relief

“New York is among the last states to finally reach its Tax Freedom Day, the day when taxpayers have earned enough to meet the year’s burdensome tax obligations from both the federal and state governments. Our state has some of the highest personal...

May 11, 2016
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Butler Agrees, Higher Education Must Be More Affordable

“I’m pleased to see the Senate Minority agrees with my Assembly Minority colleagues and me, as we have been pushing for higher education cost relief measures for middle-class families. I support making the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) available...

May 10, 2016
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