Press Releases

Butler: Excellent Interim AG Appointment Of Underwood Is Result Of Good Government In Action

Continuing To Ease Pressures Created By Common Core

The Dangers Of Integrating Personal Politics In Public Policy

Butler: Cuomo, Department Of Financial Services Use Bullying To Pit Private Business Against Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Where the Budget Will Support Our Communities

Butler: Assembly Majority Blocks Good Government Reforms On Start Of Silver Re-Trial

Butler: State Closed-Door Negotiated Budget Passed Under The Cloak Of Night Defies Open And Good Government

Butler Presses For Better Funding For Community Colleges

Butler Votes No on Assembly Majorityísí State Budget Proposal

Percocoís Guilty Verdict Points to Serious Corruption in Cuomo Administration

Butler, Minority Colleagues Introduce Plan to Restructure State Medicaid Program to Create Savings for Taxpayers

Ethics Reform Must Be Made Into Law With Significant Consequences

Butler: Comptroller Report Supports My Concerns over Lack of Transparency and Checks and Balances in Governorís Budget

New York Education Investment Must Focus On The Needs Of All Students

Mohawk Valley Nine Holds Initial Meeting Of 2018

Butler: Governorís Mismanaged Economic Development Spending Must Have Oversight

Butler Votes No On Majority Legislation Providing Free College Tuition To Illegal Immigrants

Butler, The Assembly Minority Conference Issue Report On Domestic Violence Prevention

Governorís Budget Proposal Filled With Downstate Spending, Costly Programs, Hidden Tax Increases

Butler Urges Governor To Extend Pistol Recertification Deadline