William Magee
As a lifelong resident of the Town of Nelson, Assemblyman Magee, along with his wife Jeanette, learned early on the importance of hard work and a solid education. After graduation from high school, Assemblyman Magee worked his way through Cornell University earning a bachelors degree in agricultural economics in 1961. Following his graduation from Cornell, Mr. Magee became an auctioneer and small businessman in Madison County - where his business has remained for over 35 years.

In 1972, recognizing the need for a strong town and county government, Mr. Magee was elected to represent the Town of Nelson on the Madison County Board of Supervisors where he served for 19 years until his election to the Assembly. Additionally, Assemblyman Magee was also employed at the New York State Fair from 1985-1990 in various positions including as Manager of Agriculture and Livestock, Equestrian Events Manager and Coordinator of Special Projects.

It was in 1990 that Bill Magee was elected to the Assembly. As a member of the Assembly, Assemblyman Magee has been a staunch supporter of revitalizing New York State's economic condition. He has supported numerous proposals to reduce state taxes, energy costs and bureaucracy. Locally, Assemblyman Magee has been instrumental in assisting many businesses with their expansion projects bringing new job opportunities to Madison, Oneida and Otsego counties.

Given that Assemblyman Magee's District includes six colleges and universities, he has also been a strong voice of support for higher education and the need to preserve funding and financial aid so that all students can attend college. Moreover, Assemblyman Magee is an ardent advocate for this state's volunteer fire and ambulance services through his position as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Volunteer Firefighters.

Recognizing the rural nature and agriculturally oriented economy of this District, the Speaker appointed Assemblyman Magee Chairman of both the Legislative Commission on Dairy Industry Development and the Assembly Agriculture Committee in 1999. Among his most notable achievements to date, Assemblyman Magee sponsored and led the fight for approval of the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact which will provide a stable milk price for dairy farmers all over this state; he led the rally for the passage of the Farmland Viability Act which provides financial and technical assistance to farmers seeking to improve their production techniques or better market their products; and he has remained committed to lowering taxes and fees for our struggling farmers. Now beginning his second term as Agriculture Committee Chairman, Assemblyman Magee is committed to reducing electric rates for farmers and working for economic development programs that specifically target the agriculture industry. But, more than that, Assemblyman Magee is working with farmers and producers along with retailers and wholesalers in assisting them in selling more New York products in New York.

He is a member of the SUNY Morrisville College Council, the Boards of Directors of both Community Memorial Hospital and Crouse Community Center and is a member of the Cazenovia Civic Club and the Hamilton Lions Club.

Standing Committee Assignments 2001: Agriculture (Chair); Aging; Banks; Higher Education; Local Governments.

Bill Magee, Dem. 24,445; Ind. 3,638
G. James Traub, Rep. 12,670