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Christopher S. Friend
Assembly District 124

Friend: Assembly Finally Does The Right Thing On Human Trafficking
March 16, 2015
Friend: Assembly Budget Resolution Leaves Much To Be Desired
March 12, 2015
Friend: Gov.’s Property Tax Plan Doesn’t Help Stop Unfunded Mandates
March 3, 2015
Friend: Gov. Cuomo Not Above Reproach In Ethics Reform
February 27, 2015
Friend Supports Blue Lives Matter
February 26, 2015
Friend To Gov: Stop Playing Games With School Aid Runs
February 26, 2015
Friend: Gov. Wrong To Tie DREAM Act To TAP’s Future
February 25, 2015
Friend Sponsors Legislation Barring Sex Offenders From Living Within 1,000 Feet Of Schools, Parks, And Daycares
February 20, 2015
Friend: Majority Fails To Act On Ethics Reform After Promises
February 10, 2015
Friend: Taxpayers Left Holding The Bill After Lopez/Silver Settlement
February 9, 2015
Friend: Speaker Heastie A Chance To Start Over On Ethics
February 4, 2015
Friend: Silver Exits After Majority & Preet Bharara Force His Hand
January 28, 2015
Political Winners And Losers – Not What America Was Founded On
January 23, 2015
Friend: Silver Lands In Court, Must Resign
January 22, 2015
Friend: Transparency Issues Dog Controversial START-UP NY
January 13, 2015
Assembly Must Follow Senate’s Lead, Pass WEA
January 13, 2015
Friend: Shameful Majority Re-Elects Scandal-Plagued Silver
January 7, 2015
New Laws Will Help Fight Against Heroin And Drug Abuse In New York State
June 26, 2014
End of Session Brings Missed Opportunity For Monterey Shock
June 25, 2014
Friend Calls On Majority To Pass Women’s Equality Bills Separately
June 17, 2014
Friend: Calling On Majority To Bring Ethics Legislation To A Vote
June 16, 2014
Area State Legislators Sponsor Legislation To Encourage Emergency Services Volunteers
April 9, 2014
Area State Reps Criticize Cuomo Administration: Closing Monterey Wrong Decision
March 31, 2014
Friend: Rushed Almost-On-Time Budget Misses Mark
March 31, 2014
Assemblyman Friend, Congressman Reed To Hold Office Hours In Waverly
March 5, 2014
Area State Reps Reject Cuomo’s ‘Free College For Prisoners’ Proposal, Again Call For Saving Monterey
February 18, 2014
Assemblyman Chris Friend's Local Office Hours in Waverly
February 10, 2014
Assemblymembers Palmesano, Friend To Host Common Core Standards Forum In Corning
December 2, 2013
Assemblyman Friend To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Waverly
October 23, 2013
O’Mara, Palmesano, Friend Urge Support For ‘Keep Monterey Open!’ Online Petition
September 5, 2013
Area State Legislators Encourage Local Libraries To Take Advantage Of Grant Opportunity
August 15, 2013
Friend And Palmesano Call On Public To Sign Senator O’Mara’s Online Petition To Save Elmira Psychiatric Center
July 9, 2013
Friend And Palmesano Join Fight To End Corruption With The Public Officers Accountability Act
May 29, 2013
Friend: Taxpayer-Financed Campaigns Are Not The Answer To State Corruption
May 8, 2013
Friend: Further Budget Negotiations Still Needed
March 13, 2013
Albany Lacks Transparency Once Again
January 16, 2013
Friend: We Must Lower Taxes, Eliminate Unfunded Mandates Placed On New Yorkers
January 10, 2013
Assemblyman Friend To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Berkshire, NY
November 21, 2012
Local Public Libraries Awarded State Grants
May 7, 2012
Friend: Budget Process An Improvement, But More Work Still Needed To Stimulate Growth And Ease Mandates
March 30, 2012
Majority’s Budget Fails On Major Issues
March 13, 2012
Friend And Palmesano Urge Attendance At Sportsmen And Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day
March 13, 2012
Friend Reminds Residents Of Flood Recovery Grant Application Deadline
March 8, 2012
Friend Welcomes $150,000 For Tioga County
February 15, 2012
Assemblyman Friend Sponsors Legislation To Help Ease The Pain Of Parents Of Stillborn Children
June 17, 2011
Friend: Assembly Passes Legislation To End Burdensome Insurance Mandate, Urges Senate To Follow
June 16, 2011
Friend Votes Down Costly Medical Liability Measure
June 15, 2011
Ethics Bill Is a Small Step Toward True Reform
June 13, 2011
Friend Votes Down Job-Killing, Anti-Drilling Legislation
June 7, 2011
Friend Attends Dairy Day Event
June 7, 2011
Friend: Wine In Grocery Stores Can Be Beneficial To All
May 27, 2011
Web Site Gives Public Opportunity To Suggest Ways To Make Government More Efficient
May 19, 2011
Friend: Wasteful Practices Cost Taxpayers
May 11, 2011
Mandate Relief - A Need That’s Not Going Away
May 6, 2011
Koch Phone Calls Another ‘Ringing’ Endorsement Of A Broken System
April 14, 2011
Friend Welcomes West Point Cadets
April 7, 2011
The Budget Is The Beginning
March 31, 2011
Irresponsible Spending and Cradle-To-Grave Taxation
March 15, 2011
Friend Meets With Local Library Advocates
March 14, 2011
New York/New Jersey Power Deal Leaves New York’s Future in the Dark
March 9, 2011
‘Lost’ In Redistricting
March 8, 2011
Friend Meets With Members Of Local Youth Organizations
February 16, 2011
Friend: Governor Cuomo’s Budget Plan Needs Careful and Thoughtful Analysis
February 1, 2011
Friend Meets With Sportsmen At Legislative Awareness Day
January 25, 2011
Friend Named Ranking Minority Member Of Assembly Children and Families Committee
January 21, 2011
Friend Supports Reduced Spending
January 7, 2011
Friend Officially Takes Office
January 4, 2011

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