January 28, 2016
"As you know I'm sure, Executive Order in 2009 said we're going to have a climate action panel, we're going to create a climate action plan, in 2010 we had a draft plan that went out for comment but it's never been finalized, six years later we still don't have a climate action plan. Is there a plan in the making, is there plan to have a plan, last year when I asked the Commissioner he said, "we've been very busy, doing the regulations to do the adaptions" the new law that we passed, much needed, implying that we don't have enough staff really at DEC to do this job, but where are we now on having staff at DEC working to produce a real climate action plan for the state?" asked Assemblywoman Lifton to Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.