Lifton Calls for Public Hearing by Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee

March 16, 2005

Barbara Lifton (D/WFP-125th) today issued a call for a state public hearing on the issue of TCE contamination at the Emerson Site. She said that Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli, chair of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation, of which Assemblywoman Lifton is a member, has agreed to come to Ithaca in the near future to conduct that hearing. They are working on finding a location and date for the hearing, but it is likely to be in late April.

Lifton said, "I have been frustrated, and I know many Ithacans are frustrated, at the slow pace of this investigation and the many questions that are out there about the acceptable levels of TCE and which residents may be affected by these chemicals. I have asked the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee to come to Ithaca to listen to the concerns of the area residents and to invite the DEC and DOH to speak about their response and that of Emerson Power Transmission."

"I want to make sure that state law is strong enough to properly protect the health of our citizens and that the DEC and DOH are fully exercising the power they have to investigate this site, as well as others around the state. Right now, I have my doubts on both points. That will be the purpose of this hearing," Lifton concluded.