Assemblywoman Lifton Named to Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee

Lifton dedicated to improving New York’s voting system
October 11, 2007

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D/WFP-Tompkins/Cortland) today announced her reappointment to the Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee – a 12-member, bipartisan team assembled to review and make recommendations as to which voting machines meet the requirement of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and New York’s election law.

“Continuing my work on this committee will give me an opportunity to ensure voters cast their ballots on machines that work reliably and count every vote accurately. New voting machines will allow us to increase voter confidence while better accommodating voters with disabilities,” Lifton said.

The committee, which was established in 2005, was set to expire this year. A bill sponsored by Lifton extended the life of the Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee, until July 1, 2010 (Ch. 397 of 2007). The new law enables CEMAC to continue advising the state Board of Elections on voting machine certification. The board would take the committee’s recommendations into consideration when determining whether a voting machine meets HAVA requirements.

As a member of the Assembly’s Committee on Election Law, Lifton has worked on a “Scan and Be Sure” voting machine campaign. Lifton has advocated that paper ballots and optical scanning machines – along with an AutoMARK system for the disabled – be selected.

“Voter confidence in the fairness and accuracy of our elections is an absolute requirement of our democracy,” Lifton said. “I’ll continue my work in the Assembly and on the Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee to give New Yorkers the best voting system available.”