Lifton Joins Ruffalo in Tour of California Renewable Energy

July 13, 2011

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D/WF- 125th AD) announced today that, at the invitation of actor Mark Ruffalo, she will spend Monday with Ruffalo and three other New Yorkers touring a number of renewable energy sites in central California and meeting with leaders in the green energy field – business owners, experts from Stanford University, and government officials. Governor Jerry Brown is scheduled to join in an afternoon meeting with the group and other state policy-makers.

“My work on gas drilling has heightened my great concern about climate change, and the role that fossil fuels are playing, according to an overwhelming consensus of our nation’s and world’s climate scientists,” said Lifton. “Peer-reviewed studies are showing that the huge release of methane gas in the drilling and transportation of natural gas, which is mostly methane gas, is likely to significantly add to the amount of greenhouse gas we are releasing into the atmosphere. Since methane gas is anywhere from 72-100 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, such release of methane would add considerably to the already destructive effects we are seeing from climate change,” Lifton continued.

Lifton said she has worked closely with Ruffalo on the gas-drilling issue in New York and was pleasantly surprised to receive the invitation to join him in California to tour several sites, including solar installations and an anaerobic digester on a dairy farm and to talk to the people involved in California’s renewable energy initiatives.

“Mark Ruffalo is rapidly becoming a significant player in the push for renewable energy and a sustainable world, as shown by his receiving a Global Green USA Award recently,” Lifton explained. “It will be a great honor, and interesting and fun to boot, to spend the day with him touring these models of renewable energy. New York is moving forward, as well, in these areas, but I would like to see us doing much more, so I hope to come home with new ideas to share and act upon,” concluded Lifton