William Magnarelli
Bill Magnarelli represents the 129th Assembly District, which includes the Northside, Westside, Eastwood and Valley areas of the City of Syracuse, as well as the towns of Geddes and Van Buren. In 1998, he won the election for an open seat. During his four terms in office, Magnarelli has focused his efforts on bringing more jobs to Central New York, lowering taxes, providing our children a better education, improving our healthcare and keeping our families safe.


Recognizing that Central New York’s economic recovery was not keeping pace with the rest of the state, Magnarelli has made job creation his top priority. As Chair of the Legislative Task Force on University-Industry Cooperation, Magnarelli is using Central New York’s unique resources – world-class universities and high-tech companies – to create good-paying jobs and attract new industries.

Magnarelli has secured funding for:

  • Syracuse Center of Excellence - $37 million
  • Workforce Development Initiative - $2.5 million
  • Automobile Row Revitalization Project - $1 million
  • DaVinci Worker Recruitment program - $285,000
  • New York Indoor Environmental Quality Center (NYIEQ) - $2.33 million

Magnarelli worked to create new tax-free Empire Zones, which virtually eliminates taxes on eligible job-creating businesses, saving nearly $40 million annually for businesses. By extending the Power for Jobs program – a program that delivers low-cost power to businesses – thousands of local jobs at AT & T, Anoplate, Kilian Manufacturing, Penn Traffic and P & C Stadium have been saved.

Lowering Taxes

By cutting taxes by $2 billion, Magnarelli protects our families and businesses. He helped to reduce the marriage penalty tax, saving couples $200 million annually, and helped to Gross Receipts Tax to cut energy costs by $110 million for consumers and $330 million for businesses. Magnarelli supported the 2007 budget that provided over $1.3 billion in tax relief including tax relief for businesses and manufacturers. The budget also created a new Middle Class STAR program that reduces local property taxes and helps keep more money in the pockets of working families.


To help our students and teachers reach higher academic standards, Magnarelli has supported school aid increases of over $100 million for schools in the 129th Assembly District. This funding helps our schools keep property taxes down as well as reduce class sizes, improve teacher training, modernize computer technology and repair school buildings. He helped keep college affordable by supporting an increase to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and creating the College Savings Tuition Program.

Health Care

Magnarelli is working to keep quality health care affordable for families. He also helped pass the Heath Care Workforce Recruitment and Retention Act of 2002 that provides $1.8 billion over three years for pay increases, additional benefits and training for health care workers. Signed into law, Magnarelli supported the Women’s Health and Wellness Act giving New York the most comprehensive women’s health coverage law in the country, including access to vital preventive health care screening and treatment services. Magnarelli supported Family Health Plus, a landmark health care law that provides health care coverage to 1 million uninsured New Yorkers. By expanding Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program, over 250,000 seniors will have access to low-cost prescriptions. As an advocate for legislation holding HMOs liable for denying necessary treatments, Magnarelli also supports the prevention of unfair health insurance rate increases. In the 2007 Budget, Magnarelli supported expanded health care coverage to 400,000 uninsured children, and streamlined enrollment for Medicaid and Family Health Plus.


Magnarelli was the driving force behind the statewide “Amber Plan” law. This lifesaving program enables law enforcement to broadcast information immediately about missing children through media sources, increasing the chances of their safe return. As an advocate for Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Awareness, Magnarelli penned important preventative legislation. Signed into law in 2004, Magnarelli’s bill requires hospitals and birth centers to request that maternity patients and fathers view a video presentation on the dangers of shaking infants. In 2006, Magnarelli’s legislation allowing parenting education classes in secondary schools include information on SBS was signed into law. In 2007, he introduced new legislation that requires that inmates in state correctional facilities receive education on SBS, which could help save the lives of children who will be under their care once they are released from prison.


Magnarelli has secured funds for community projects including $750,000 for road reconstruction on 18 Syracuse City blocks and $350,000 for Syracuse City Parks projects. Magnarelli provided Geddes with $425,000 for road construction, over $40,000 for the Geddes Youth Center, $50,000 for the Woods Road Park and Veterans Memorial and over $40,000 for Geddes Parks. Baldwinsville’s Paper Mill Island and Lighting the Way projects have received $100,000 through the Assemblyman. He has also thoroughly supported 120th Assembly District fire and police departments, securing funding for protective and safety gear and funding for their facilities.

Growing up in Syracuse, Magnarelli attended Our Lady of Pompei School and St. John the Baptist Academy before going on to Syracuse University to major in history. He then went to Syracuse University Law School, graduating with honors in 1973. Upon graduating, he entered the Army Reserves, serving for six years and rising to the rank of Captain. Magnarelli’s broad range of community involvement includes serving on the board of the Arthritis Foundation, president of Our Lady of Pompei Church Parish Council, and as majority leader of the Syracuse Common Council. Magnarelli and his wife Karen raised their children Lisa, Bill Jr. and Ann in Syracuse.

Magnarelli serves as Chair of the Local Governments, Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry, and Committee on Education, Committee on Oversight, Analysis and Investigation and Committee on Rules.