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Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A05515Provides that upon failure by the legislature to act upon a budget within 72 hours from the beginning of the state fiscal year a default budget shall take effect
A05531Requires the annual establishment of a legislative budget conference committee and subcommittees to resolve difference on the executive budget
A05532Relates to the tax stabilization reserve fund
A05554Requires owner of commercial establishment which purchases and resells second hand video games to keep accurate records of said transaction
A05558Requires schools to allow fire departments to make a recruitment presentation in a high school
A05560Prohibits the legislature from recessing after the start of the state fiscal year until it has passed a budget
A05609Provides for issuance of distinctive plates for the "75th Anniversary of Ducks Unlimited"
A05831Permits corrective remedies for violations of certain discovery rules in criminal proceedings only when substantial rights of the party are affected
A05832Authorizes participation by a public benefit corporation in intermunicipal agreements
A05833Relates to youth programs sponsored by fire departments
A05974Provides that the owner of 3 or more trucks used exclusively for business purposes shall be permitted to stagger the registration renewal dates
A05979Provides for payment of state aid on account of state lands in the counties of Cayuga, Seneca and Wayne comprising the northern Montezuma wildlife management area
A05990Grants excused leave to civil service employees who are volunteer firefighters or ambulance workers during state of emergency
A05998Defines the term power-assisted bicycle
A05999Relates to notice of small claims judgments and indexing of unpaid claims
A06016Makes provisions relating to grand jury proceedings and operations in relation to child witnesses
A06098Creates centralized reporting system and data base of the names and firefighting organizations of all firefighters in the state
A06112Establishes "rural freshwater improvement and protection program" which provides for upgrading, repairing and replacing septic systems
A06153Requires notices of termination to apply to snowmobiles and all vehicles insured or covered under an owner's policy of liability insurance
A06220Provides that restrictions regarding the carrying of concealed weapons and licenses therefor shall be by statute only
A06241Designates sweet corn as the state vegetable
A06291Extends the additional one percent sales tax for Wayne county
A06439Enacts the "Volunteer Firefighter and Ambulance Worker Protection and Incentive Act of 2015"
A06451Repeals section 19-0323 of the environmental conservation law relating to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and best available technology by the state
A06481Prohibits financially irresponsible motorists and unlawfully insured motorists from recovery of non-economic losses
A06482Authorizes the commissioner of taxation and finance to study feasibility of reducing the number of assessing units and equalization rates
A06483Provides resident individuals a deduction from federal adjusted gross income for health insurance premiums expended during the taxable year
A07072Exempts from sales and use taxes motor vehicles and rolling stock used by common carriers
A07089Relates to environmental conservation officers
A07092Makes it a ministerial process to amend a license to carry or possess a firearm
A07093Prohibits the dissemination of certain personal information relating to a petition for guardianship
A07195Provides that the assessed valuation of real property used for residential rental purposes may be determined using the actual net income
A07198Requires every tractor trailer driven on public highway to display at least two lighted head lamps on each side of the front of such tractor
A07199Allows for suspension of drivers' licenses by persons who fail to dispose of violations of the navigation law as prescribed by law
A07201Exempts certain youths program volunteers from civil liability
A07249Relates to creating the college savings incentive program
A07357Relates to authorizing hunting in the county of Wayne
A07614Relates to conducting studies on personal income tax brackets and the corporate franchise tax

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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