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Brian M. Kolb
Assembly District 131
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01367Establishes a spending cap and increases the maximum capacity of the rainy day fund
A01551Authorizes financial assistance for civic facilities by industrial development agencies
A01552Expands the coverage to include cancer of the digestive, hematological, lymphatic, urinary, prostate, neurological, breast and reproductive systems
A01553Provides that an employer shall not be liable for unemployment benefits for an employee who voluntarily leaves employment
A01554Establishes the "Family and medical leave independent savings account act"; provides a tax credit for employee compensation deferred to such accounts
A01555Authorizes employers of manual workers to apply to commissioner of labor for exemption from requirement of paying manual workers weekly
A01556Enacts the "scaffold reform act"
A01557Provides for initiative and referendum petitions for electors
A01558Provides for the submission to the people of a proposition or question to convene a constitutional convention
A01559Requires that annual reports be distributed in electronic format only, unless otherwise requested by a member
A01560Changes the fiscal year to begin on the first of May; requires the use of generally accepted accounting principles in the state fiscal plan
A01561Establishes a tax credit for on-the-job training
A01562Relates to ambulance registration fees
A01563Relates to the definition of a business startup and funds reserved for business startups
A01564Provides an itemized deduction for expenses for course-mandated supplies for eligible college students paid by taxpayers
A01565Relates to making the first one hundred thousand dollars of an individuals' private pension non-taxable
A01566Relates to the clarification of the applicability of certain exemptions to periodic distributions from a nonqualified pension plan
A01567Establishes the GrowNY pilot program, an economic gardening pilot program within the department of economic development
A01568Requires operators of bowling centers to give certain notices to bowlers and grants immunity from civil liability to operators of bowling centers from certain action
A01569Removes the mandatory aggregate trust fund deposit requirements for non-scheduled permanent partial disability cases
A01570Places a permanent moratorium on unfunded mandates
A01571Limits the time a legislator may serve as a legislative leader
A01572Constitutional amendment section 14 article 3
A01573Allows counties to opt out of providing certain optional Medicaid benefits to prospective beneficiaries
A01574Enacts Shop-NY; establishes various exemptions from New York's sales and compensating use tax
A01633Establishes a state autism advisory board
A01634Relates to the disclosure of unemployment insurance files to the state legislature
A01635Allows any family member working on a family farm to build a home on such land
A01636Requires lifetime post-release supervision for certain offenders; prohibits good behavior allowances against certain determinate sentences
A01637Provides for the inclusion of victim impact statements from neighborhood watch groups in pre-sentencing reports
A01638Closes loophole by requiring additional consecutive sentence of five years where a determinate sentence is imposed for criminal use of a firearm in the first degree
A01639Establishes statewide green jobs development and recruitment strategy and creating tax credit incentives to attract green jobs
A01640Amends the education law and certain technical provisions therein
A01730Relates to bills containing provisions requiring appointments to be made by the legislative leaders
A01731Establishes a procedure for the approval of increasing transfer capability of existing electric transmission lines
A01732Makes certain technical corrections with regard to absentee voting
A01733Establishes the metropolitan transportation authority fiscal oversight control board to oversee and regulate the finances of the MTA; repealer
A01734Provides for the exemption of honorably discharged U.S. veterans from payment of New York Thruway tolls
A01735Creates the "veteran owned business enterprise act" to promote such business enterprises
A01736Establishes a tax credit for patent fees
A01737Permits municipalities to adopt local law or ordinance to recover costs of emergency response to scene of alcohol or controlled substance related accident
A01738Adds communication by means of a "computer network" to aggravated harassment in the second degree
A01739Relates to the powers, functions and duties of the New York state public authorities control board
A02088Relates to enacting the New York state thruway authority accountability act
A02322Eliminates rent regulation protections for certain high income tenants and repeals certain provisions relating to deregulation of rent-stabilized housing; repealer
A04564Reduces the rate at which a taxpayer's entire net income base shall be computed
A04565Establishes Work-NY by implementing tax credits for various businesses; repealer
A04566Establishes the New York business incubator network
A04567Enacts the BizBoom program act which provides a tax exempt benefit to new businesses relocating to or starting up a new business in New York
A04568Eliminates the corporate franchise tax and personal income tax on business corporations which are manufacturers
A04569Establishes high-tech worker-NY
A04570Enacts Invest-NY by implementing various tax benefits for businesses
A04572Relates to penalties for failure to pay certain hospital assessments
A04573Establishes tax deductions for the tax paid by the taxpayer in connection with the purchase of a new automobile and for the interest paid by the taxpayer
A04574Provides credit against personal income tax and corporate franchise tax for wine bottling, packaging and labelling expenses of wineries, breweries and distilleries
A04575Relates to the personal income tax, cost of living adjustment and standard deduction; repealer
A04891Enacts Retain-NY by implementing tuition tax credits and increasing the amount of an allowable deduction
A04972Enacts the "New York state mandate relief for school districts act"
A05018Makes the commissioner of education an office appointed by the governor
A05019Provides for the renaming of educational BOCES programs as Quest schools; appropriation
A05044Creates the division of regulatory review and economic growth
A05045Relates to creating the "innovators corps" within the executive department to identify and encourage the growth of technology businesses in New York state
A05048Relates to the election of regents
A05133Relates to providing for taxpayer gifts for New York state natural disaster relief and establishing the New York state natural disaster relief fund
A05359Establishes a training wage equal to eighty-five percent of the state minimum wage or federal minimum wage
A05390Relates to sentencing procedures in capital punishment cases
A05391Enacts the New York state national guard and reserves child support modification act of 2013
A05392Provides for initiative and referendum and recall
A05393Relates to the definition of qualified reservation
A05394Establishes the New York state cornerstone program and the New York state discovery program and net income base and other taxes; repealer
A05395Raises threshold for estate tax from one million to two million dollars under applicable internal revenue code provisions
A05563Relates to phasing out transition fees
A05575Establishes the manufacturing preservation and enhancement act to foster economic growth and job creation
A06446Relates to creating the crime of cyberterrorism and calculating damages caused by computer tampering
A06447Enacts provisions to promote drug-free workplaces within government through fair and reasonable drug testing
A06457Makes numerous modifications to provisions of various laws relating to the family court act and child custody matters
A06497Relates to providing for the establishment of a state veterans cemetery in Seneca county
A06525Relates to a temporary permit to carry or possess a firearm
A06546Enacts the taxpayer protection and mandate relief act; repealer
A07184Creates the crime of theft of rental property or equipment
A07393Enacts the public officers accountability act
A07515Creates the affordable college education scholarship program
A07814Relates to the right of Ontario county to opt out of certain provisions of the retirement system
A08087Provides state assistance to certain counties in which an Indian nation is located
A08151Relates to unlawfully purchasing or selling personal identifying information
A08152Grants recognized veterans' organization free use of pavilions
A08153Enacts the integrity in government act; repealer
A08239Eliminates the photo image fee for veterans who have their license amended with a veteran notation
A08803Establishes a pilot program for the filing of petitions for temporary orders of protection by electronic means
A09263Enacts the "New York state kids before cons act"
A09335Relates to environmental assessment of historic preservation plan
A09343Relates to changing the date the justice center shall report to the governor and the legislature and the contents of such report
A09439Eliminates sporting license fees for honorably discharged, disabled veterans
A09596Relates to part-time police officer positions in the town of Seneca Falls in Seneca county
A09628Relates to the membership of the Clifton Springs Sanitarium Company
A09817Exempts licensed wineries from requirement to obtain a temporary sales permit
A09848Relates to the creation of the People's Convention Reform Act

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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