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Brian M. Kolb
Assembly District 131
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00508Makes certain technical corrections with regard to absentee voting
A00509Establishes the metropolitan transportation authority fiscal oversight control board to oversee and regulate the finances of the MTA; repealer
A00510Establishes the "Family and medical leave independent savings account act"; provides a tax credit for employee compensation deferred to such accounts
A00519Relates to bills containing provisions requiring appointments to be made by the legislative leaders
A00520Requires lifetime post-release supervision for certain offenders; prohibits good behavior allowances against certain determinate sentences
A00521Requires that annual reports be distributed in electronic format only, unless otherwise requested by a member
A00522Establishes a state autism advisory board
A00523Provides that an employer shall not be liable for unemployment benefits for an employee who voluntarily leaves employment
A00524Establishes statewide green jobs development and recruitment strategy and creating tax credit incentives to attract green jobs
A00527Establishes a procedure for the approval of increasing transfer capability of existing electric transmission lines
A00528Places a permanent moratorium on unfunded mandates
A00530Relates to enacting the New York state thruway authority accountability act
A00531Provides for the submission to the people of a proposition or question to convene a constitutional convention
A00532Allows any family member working on a family farm to build a home on such land
A02677Establishes the GrowNY pilot program, an economic gardening pilot program within the department of economic development
A02753Creates the affordable college education scholarship program
A02754Relates to the election of regents
A02767Relates to ambulance registration fees
A02769Makes the commissioner of education an office appointed by the governor
A03460Relates to establishing an emergency program to provide cannabidiol access to patients with epilepsy and other serious conditions
A03619Relates to a temporary permit to carry or possess a firearm
A03889Eliminates rent regulation protections for certain high income tenants and repeals certain provisions relating to deregulation of rent-stabilized housing; repealer
A04068Relates to phasing out transition fees
A04069Relates to changing the date the justice center shall report to the governor and the legislature and the contents of such report
A04070Relates to penalties for failure to pay certain hospital assessments
A04071Creates the crime of theft of rental property or equipment
A04072Allows counties to opt out of providing certain optional Medicaid benefits to prospective beneficiaries
A04074Enacts the BizBoom program act which provides a tax exempt benefit to new businesses relocating to or starting up a new business in New York
A04080Provides for the renaming of educational BOCES programs as Quest schools; appropriation
A04081Provides for the inclusion of victim impact statements from neighborhood watch groups in pre-sentencing reports
A04082Relates to creating the "innovators corps" within the executive department to identify and encourage the growth of technology businesses in New York state
A04083Relates to creating the crime of cyberterrorism and calculating damages caused by computer tampering
A04117Creates the division of regulatory review and economic growth
A04240Relates to environmental assessment of historic preservation plan

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00795   A00943   A01026   A01091   A01197   A01317   A01352   A01367   A01468   A01482   A01553   A01726   A01833   A01912   A01987   A02264   A02265   A02335   A02351   A02361   A02378   A02380   A02382   A02387   A02435   A02542   A02569   A02606   A02624   A02627   A02635   A02704   A02718   A02758   A02952   A03093   A03094   A03127   A03145   A03146   A03182   A03185   A03189   A03194   A03195   A03201   A03202   A03254   A03255   A03256   A03261   A03311   A03316   A03317   A03319   A03320   A03322   A03417   A03435   A03569   A03605   A03609   A03612   A03641   A03649   A03651   A03652   A03656   A03659   A03665   A03703   A03704   A03711   A03712   A03714   A03716   A03718   A03755   A03758   A03760   A03775   A03785   A03787   A03792   A03796   A03798   A03801   A03841   A03872   A03875   A03918   A03923   A03930   A03948   A03985   A03991   A04000   A04007   A04076   A04105   A04192   A04255  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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