Press Releases

Assemblymember Bronson: GENDA Defends the Rights of Transgender New Yorkers

Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson recipient of the Edward J. Malloy Memorial Leadership Award

Assemblymember Bronson: Equal Pay Legislation Helps Rochester Families Get Ahead

Assemblymember Bronson: New York Buy American Act Strengthens Manufacturing

Assemblymember Bronson: Funding Will Improve Water Quality in Rochester

Assemblymember Bronson: Workforce Development Catalogue Connects Workers with Training Opportunities

Assemblymember Bronsonís Bill Holding Dishonest Contractors Accountable is Signed into Law

Assemblymember Harry Bronson: Repealing Net Neutrality Puts Up More Barriers at a Time We Should Be Removing Them

Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Womenís Suffrage in New York

9/11 Column

Assemblymember Bronson: We must Prevent Contractors Who Violate Labor Laws from Receiving Public Funds

Assemblymember Bronsonís Legislation to Improve and Focus Workforce Programs Passes Assembly

Assemblymember Bronsonís Bill Would Ensure Workers on State Construction Projects Get a Fair Wage

Assemblymember Bronsonís Bill Expands Workersí Comp to Include Acupuncture

Assemblymember Bronson: Legislation to Close Skills Gap and Increase Job Opportunities Passes Assembly

Assemblymember Bronson: Itís Time to Close the LLC Loophole and Help Keep Special Interests out Of Our Elections

Assemblymember Bronson Passes Legislation to Help People with Disabilities

Assemblymember Bronson: New York Health Act Puts the Well-Being of New Yorkers Ahead of Insurance Company Profits

Assemblymember Bronson: Legislation to Make it Easier to Vote in New York

Assemblymember Bronsonís Bill to Hold Unscrupulous Contractors Accountable Passes Assembly