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Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A05081Requires the power authority of the state New York to conduct an analysis of the economic viability of certain electric generating facilities
A05087Requires grounds for increasing assessment
A05088Authorizes two or more school districts in certain counties to enter into a contract to establish and operate a regional high school
A05090Creates the school board empowerment act
A05096Creates provisions for school boards to make decisions regarding lay-offs
A05097Authorizes the city of Jamestown to set the fee for issuance of birth and death certificates
A05099Designates, as peace officers, special deputy sheriffs of the county of Chautauqua within the grounds of and properties owned by the Chautauqua Institution
A05100Relates to the ability of an individual collecting unemployment to obtain part-time work
A05102Relates to requiring the homestead exemption used in the calculation for the public assistance to be the same as the homestead exemption under the civil practice law and rules
A05103Provides an exemption from workers' compensation coverage under certain circumstances
A05104Relates to increasing the number of family court judges in Chautauqua county
A05105Relates to prohibiting illegal drug use and authorizing random drug testing of individuals receiving public assistance
A05108Authorizes the county of Chautauqua to elect to participate in the medical assistance reimbursement option and revenue intercept for Medicaid purposes
A05110Relates to certain educational requirements for public assistance
A05111Relates to conducting appeals, within the department of family assistance, by means of electronic communications systems conference with independent hearing officers
A05112Relates to the protection of water supplies
A05113Relates to creating incentives for counties to investigate and prosecute medicaid fraud
A05114Permits persons eleven years of age to possess a rifle under certain circumstances
A05115Allows school boards to make decisions regarding layoffs based on performance, qualifications and student needs
A05117Authorizes minors who are members of a religious community to engage or assist in employment which minors are otherwise prohibited from performing
A05118Relates to rights and obligations of a municipality electing integrated non-participating owner status in gas and oil wells
A05119Relates to additional options for local social services districts to implement effective welfare-to-work programs; repealer
A05120Relates to aligning Medicaid optional benefits with the requirements of article 43 of the insurance law
A05121Relates to judges elected to the eighth judicial district
A05122Designates, as peace officers, special deputy sheriffs of the county of Chautauqua within the grounds of and properties owned by the Chautauqua Institution
A05123Authorizes the city of Jamestown to establish an administrative tribunal for the adjudication of parking infractions
A06423Requires the conveyance of a paper street in the town of Westfield, county of Chautauqua, to be accompanied by a resolution of the town board of such town
A06460Creates requirements of a public employer when a collective bargaining agreement has expired and a new agreement is not in place
A06604Relates to requiring the commissioner of taxation and finance to conduct a study on the earned income tax credit and to propose changes thereto
A06887Creates a private right of action for landlords and employers who suffer actual losses as a result of domestic violence
A07478Directs the state liquor authority to issue a farm winery license to the Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association Inc. Grape Discovery Center in the town of Westfield, county of Chautauqua
A07479Extends from November 30, 2015 to November 30, 2017, the expiration of the hotel and motel tax in the county of Chautauqua
A07486Provides for the installment payment for the earned income credit
A07557Extends expiration of authorization of county of Chautauqua to impose additional 1/2% sales and use taxes until November 30, 2017

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00114   A00135   A00377   A00523   A00626   A00711   A01001   A01035   A01091   A01099   A01112   A01132   A01166   A01267   A01365   A01366   A01402   A01559   A01604   A01621   A01653   A01655   A01656   A01660   A01696   A01700   A01774   A01833   A01846   A01852   A01979   A01987   A02080   A02150   A02203   A02244   A02271   A02402   A02412   A02429   A02440   A02445   A02503   A02516   A02543   A02621   A02704   A02754   A03048   A03099   A03392   A03422   A03561   A03569   A03629   A03649   A03656   A03678   A03680   A03683   A03710   A03718   A03721   A03730   A03786   A03876   A03916   A03943   A04002   A04049   A04074   A04104   A04105   A04274   A04302   A04328   A04334   A04366   A04504   A04579   A04583   A04617   A04636   A04643   A04647   A04659   A04748   A04808   A04811   A04822   A04865   A04873   A04915   A04924   A04974   A04977   A04982   A04990   A04992   A05127   A05129   A05142   A05164   A05192   A05206   A05209   A05292   A05385   A05453   A05558   A05575   A05717   A05823   A05898   A05959   A05983   A05987   A05999   A06025   A06156   A06158   A06162   A06262   A06363   A06439   A06562   A06601   A07010   A07011   A07012   A07079   A07431  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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