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Andy Goodell
Assembly District 150
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04893Allows school boards to make decisions regarding layoffs based on performance, qualifications and student needs
A04894Relates to aligning Medicaid optional benefits with the requirements of article 43 of the insurance law
A04895Authorizes the county of Chautauqua to elect to participate in the medical assistance reimbursement option and revenue intercept for Medicaid purposes
A04899Relates to requiring the homestead exemption used in the calculation for the public assistance to be the same as the homestead exemption under the civil practice law and rules
A04932Creates requirements of a public employer when a collective bargaining agreement has expired and a new agreement is not in place
A04933Relates to rights and obligations of a municipality electing integrated non-participating owner status in gas and oil wells
A04938Relates to the protection of water supplies
A05016Requires the power authority of the state New York to conduct an analysis of the economic viability of certain electric generating facilities
A05020Permits persons eleven years of age to possess a rifle under certain circumstances
A05026Relates to prohibiting illegal drug use and authorizing random drug testing of individuals receiving public assistance
A05034Creates provisions for school boards to make decisions regarding lay-offs
A05041Authorizes minors who are members of a religious community to engage or assist in employment which minors are otherwise prohibited from performing
A05042Relates to creating incentives for counties to investigate and prosecute medicaid fraud
A05049Creates the school board empowerment act
A05630Relates to conducting appeals by means of electronic communications systems conference with independent hearing officers
A05656Requires grounds for increasing assessment
A05657Provides an exemption from workers' compensation coverage under certain circumstances
A05720Designates, as peace officers, special deputy sheriffs of the county of Chautauqua within the grounds of and properties owned by the Chautauqua Institution
A05722Relates to increasing the number of family court judges in Chautauqua county
A06048Relates to judges elected to the eighth judicial district
A06937Designates, as peace officers, special deputy sheriffs of the county of Chautauqua within the grounds of and properties owned by the Chautauqua Institution
A07067Authorizes two or more school districts in certain counties to enter into a contract to establish and operate a regional high school
A07429Authorizes the city of Jamestown to establish an administrative tribunal for the adjudication of parking infractions
A07708Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms the actions of the Panama central school district regardless of the failure of such district to timely file final building cost reports
A08002Relates to the fee charged for the issuance of birth and death records in the city of Jamestown
A09180Relates to additional options for local social services districts to implement effective welfare-to-work programs; repealer
A09185Relates to certain educational requirements for public assistance
A09332Relates to the ability of an individual collecting unemployment to obtain part-time work

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00165   A00223   A00228   A00323   A00590   A01394   A01553   A01556   A01587   A01623   A01631   A01703   A01814   A01818   A01863   A01986   A02031   A02033   A02037   A02145   A02314   A02315   A02401   A02488   A02493   A02532   A02560   A02640   A02684   A02714   A02743   A02744   A02747   A02866   A02873   A03083   A03104   A03106   A03137   A03293   A03336   A03341   A03625   A03675   A03688   A03787   A03788   A04004   A04032   A04071   A04202   A04215   A04357   A04452   A04485   A04487   A04552   A04565   A04566   A04567   A04575   A04598   A04623   A04626   A04666   A04675   A04737   A04762   A04825   A04861   A04883   A04896   A04897   A04907   A04935   A04944   A05001   A05246   A05441   A05538   A05681   A05737   A05852   A05951   A06011   A06070   A06094   A06216   A06389   A06408   A06410   A06464   A06470   A06475   A06478   A06546   A06661   A06676   A06780   A06831   A07026   A07104   A07133   A07173   A07318   A07393   A07426   A07434   A07596   A07680   A07741   A07791   A07793   A07994   A08141   A08159   A08176   A08189   A08201   A08216   A08255   A08259   A08269   A08295   A08316   A08388   A08416   A08421   A08423   A08424   A08441   A08442   A08490   A08508   A08560   A08565   A08596   A08603   A08652   A08666   A08726   A08731   A08774   A08784   A08787   A08788   A08792   A08799   A08808   A08811   A08812   A08844   A08873   A08876   A08879   A08946   A08950   A08952   A09084   A09091   A09352   A09538   A09818  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10139   A10168  

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