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David G. McDonough
Assembly District 14
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02631Requires electronic monitoring for certain sex offenders
A02632Requires providers of non-emergency, clinical outpatient treatment to patients on a continuing basis to determine whether they are sex offenders
A02705Prohibits bullying on school property
A02706Requires notification to a non-custodial parent when their minor child is the victim of violence and/or sexual abuse and when the custodial parent of such child is arrested
A02903Authorizes a sentence of life imprisonment without parole for serial and multiple sex offenders
A02904Relates to attacks on service dogs
A02905Animal abuser registration act
A03011Requires clinical education in pain management and establishes an advisory committee on pain management education
A03012Relates to automobiles illegally parked in off street spaces for the handicapped
A03013Relates to adjusting the federal adjusted gross income for personal income tax purposes
A03014Relates to modifications increasing federalized itemized deductions for removing underground home heating oil storage tanks
A03015Relates to the improvement of student safety at school functions
A03147Requires adequate training in the use of automated external defibrillators and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for new certification as a school teacher
A06082Provides for the certification and regulation of pet groomers and pet grooming facilities; establishes standards of care, training and testing
A07473Causes the closed-circuit television system of cameras to record certain images in a certain manner
A08508Provides for the issuance of distinctive plates for the United States merchant marine academy at Kings Point
A08884Creates the class E felony of gang sexual assault, involving touching or removal of clothing with the aid of two or more people without the consent of the person
A08894Requires carbon monoxide detectors in commercial establishments
A09196Authorizes the commissioner of motor vehicles to increase the allowable fee charged by dealers who aid in securing registrations
A09221Requires drivers to reduce their speed when driving by sanitation workers
A09850Relates to bullying and cyberbullying

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00119   A00316   A00321   A00327   A00333   A00334   A00339   A00381   A00387   A00389   A00415   A00470   A00518   A00534   A00675   A00685   A00739   A00818   A00963   A00969   A00972   A01176   A01278   A01391   A01436   A01491   A01492   A01533   A01565   A01591   A01628   A01630   A01633   A01639   A01715   A01720   A01749   A01752   A01811   A01941   A01995   A01999   A02088   A02161   A02190   A02237   A02238   A02266   A02277   A02278   A02317   A02318   A02319   A02381   A02400   A02439   A02459   A02536   A02540   A02543   A02544   A02566   A02572   A02587   A02684   A02686   A02720   A02738   A02743   A02747   A02765   A02774   A02859   A02866   A02871   A02873   A03069   A03083   A03084   A03085   A03089   A03091   A03149   A03176   A03222   A03288   A03290   A03292   A03293   A03304   A03371   A03439   A03625   A03645   A03703   A03731   A03769   A03788   A03789   A03873   A03875   A03905   A03952   A04005   A04032   A04055   A04097   A04247   A04249   A04254   A04263   A04264   A04287   A04303   A04358   A04447   A04450   A04453   A04474   A04475   A04498   A04501   A04502   A04505   A04506   A04514   A04515   A04517   A04573   A04618   A04624   A04671   A04762   A04777   A04825   A04838   A04977   A05027   A05029   A05083   A05117   A05145   A05209   A05217   A05246   A05255   A05314   A05507   A05535   A05655   A05658   A05659   A05830   A05839   A05849   A05986   A06010   A06012   A06059   A06095   A06149   A06152   A06153   A06158   A06175   A06308   A06341   A06385   A06389   A06422   A06565   A06690   A06717   A06719   A06729   A06788   A06800   A06813   A06928   A07128   A07185   A07211   A07217   A07253   A07254   A07259   A07350   A07352   A07363   A07393   A07424   A07434   A07445   A07476   A07529   A07553   A07668   A07703   A07746   A07788   A07810   A07844   A07860   A07867   A07994   A08122   A08127   A08134   A08140   A08141   A08159   A08176   A08214   A08230   A08254   A08268   A08273   A08292   A08294   A08336   A08382   A08389   A08403   A08414   A08417   A08426   A08441   A08442   A08443   A08448   A08490   A08593   A08599   A08612   A08621   A08652   A08653   A08661   A08665   A08666   A08712   A08726   A08731   A08754   A08799   A08801   A08803   A08806   A08808   A08812   A08838   A08843   A08844   A08849   A08863   A08874   A08875   A08876   A08878   A08902   A08917   A08946   A08950   A08957   A08984   A09015   A09023   A09024   A09085   A09091   A09240   A09260   A09352   A09492   A09536   A09538   A09609   A09697   A09700   A09774   A09860   A09868   A09899  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09978   A10168  

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