Disappointing Process, Even More Disappointing Budget

Statement by Assemblyman Dave McDonough (R, C, I – Merrick)
July 1, 2010

After months of closed door negotiations and piecemeal steps toward a budget, the Assembly passed their version of the state budget, which fails in every conceivable way to meet the needs of New York state and its hardworking taxpayers. As a state, we are in need of sweeping property tax relief and massive spending cuts; this budget does neither. We needed to institute business-friendly policies and enact a plan that truly energizes job growth; this budget does neither. Finally, we needed a budget that does not over burden New Yorkers with taxes and fees; this budget failed once again.

Instead, we got a budget that increased taxes and spending. We got a budget that broke the trust of business by ending a large economic development program and deferring numerous business tax credits. We got a budget that uses fuzzy math, bloated revenue streams, and secrecy to cover the inability of the majority leaders to make tough decisions. This budget is an extension of harmful and deplorable policies that are driving New Yorkers away and forcing businesses to relocate. Our state’s future has been leveraged, our taxpayers have been bled dry, our businesses are fed up and we are in grave danger of falling apart. For all these reasons, I voted against this budget. I could not in good conscience support a budget that is so damaging to New Yorkers and created through such a secretive and undemocratic process.