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Ken Blankenbush
Assembly District 117
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A05091Establishes and authorizes telepharmacy in this state
A05092Eliminates the photo image fee for veterans who have their license amended with a veteran notation
A05101Relates to prompt payments to counties by the state
A05149Designates a portion of state route thirteen in the village of Camden as the "Sergeant Elisha R. Parker Veterans memorial highway"
A05204Increases from ten to fifteen years, the period of probable usefulness of additions to or conversions of class "C" buildings
A05205Provides for establishment of school speed limits by county legislative body
A05206Expands the definition of agricultural labor to include working at a farmers market; unemployment insurance coverage
A05207Relates to licensing of dogs that are redeemed or adopted from shelters or pounds
A05210Requires parole violators in the counties of Jefferson, Oswego, and Saint Lawrence to be transferred to state correctional facilities after 10 days in a local correctional facility
A05211Relates to the timeliness of prosecutions for assaults committed against children
A05212Relates to a three phase power revolving loan program
A05213Relates to requiring antique, classic or collectors cars be inspected for safety biennially instead of annually
A05224Provides an exception to revocation of licenses where a licensee or permittee cooperates in any action taken against an agent or employee
A05225Provides that lands owned by the state for reforestation purposes shall be subject to taxation for all purposes
A05230Permits employees of authorized organizations to operate games of chance
A06521Relates to exempting military personnel from the large capacity ammunition feeding device ban
A06524Relates to pistol permit applications for military personnel
A07080Authorizes the county of Lewis to impose an additional one percent of sales and compensating use taxes

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00377   A00519   A00528   A00530   A00571   A01026   A01035   A01370   A01373   A01427   A01463   A01530   A01655   A01660   A01774   A01829   A01854   A01897   A01912   A01951   A02067   A02114   A02244   A02261   A02414   A02444   A02446   A02489   A02516   A02534   A02549   A02677   A02703   A02754   A03093   A03302   A03422   A03561   A03619   A03656   A03678   A03705   A03782   A03810   A03814   A03827   A03862   A03876   A03916   A03923   A03927   A03988   A04032   A04039   A04105   A04160   A04285   A04359   A04383   A04394   A04418   A04481   A04482   A04483   A04501   A04617   A04643   A04647   A04664   A04818   A04957   A04982   A05119   A05127   A05142   A05218   A05298   A05299   A05428   A05436   A05453   A05473   A05513   A05515   A05531   A05559   A05560   A05898   A06160   A06162  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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