Assemblyman Blankenbush Announces Construction Funding for Local Libraries

May 10, 2011

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush today announced that four libraries in the 122nd Assembly District have been awarded state funding for public library construction projects. The $14 million in capital funds for public library construction was appropriated in the 2010-11 State Budget.

“Libraries play a valuable role in our communities, especially during these tough economic times, providing people of all ages with free access to technology, books, resource materials and periodicals,” said Assemblyman Blankenbush. “Here in rural upstate New York, not everyone has access to high speed internet or can afford to buy the latest best seller in a bookstore. However, people can go to their nearest library and go online, check out a book, and even take distance learning classes through smart technology.”

The libraries in the 122nd district that are receiving funding include:

  • Lowville Free Library - $11,994 to create a weatherproof building envelope and to rehabilitate and reconstruct roof on northern half of building.
  • Adams Center Free Library - $39,926 to complete interior updates and energy conservation, as well as construction of an ADA entry and access to all service areas and rest rooms. The funding also will be used to enhance library services for teens by adding new technology capacity, equipment and furniture.
  • Carthage Free Library - $81,489 to construct new space as part of the library’s 2nd phase of reconstruction. New UV window treatment will be installed to preserve equipment and books within the building. The library also will create a “smart” community room with digital projection, workstation equipment, furniture and internet.
  • Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library - $65,475 to build new wing to the library to improve and expand services for all age groups.

Many of New York’s public libraries are in need of renovation and upgrading. More than 40% of the over 1,000 public libraries buildings in New York state are over 60 years old. Another 30% are more than three decades old.

“Many of our local libraries are unable to accommodate patrons with disabilities, lack certain electronic technologies because of outdated electrical wiring, do not have sufficient space, and are energy efficient. This funding will go a long way in bringing our libraries up to date, saving taxpayers money through energy efficiency upgrades, and ensuring that all constituents in the 122nd Assembly District have access to all kinds of information services,” the assemblyman added.