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Michael J. Fitzpatrick
Assembly District 8
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03196Authorizes municipal corporations to grant partial exemption on real property owned by persons totally and permanently disabled
A03197Provides an alternative hardship allowance based on 8 1/2% of assessed value
A03198Creates the human cloning prohibition act
A03200Authorizes the purchase of construction mortgages by the state of New York mortgage agency
A03201Provides that the periods of the Iranian Hostage Crisis and from November 21, 1979 to October 20, 1981 be "time of war" periods for civil service credit
A03203Grants real property tax exemption to disabled veterans regardless of whether he or she served during a "period of war"
A03204Creates a public umbilical cord blood banking program
A03205Extends provisions relating to affordable housing development loans to all municipalities of the state of New York
A03206Provides for eminent domain reform and creates the "home and property protection act"; appropriation
A03207Authorizes state of New York mortgage agency to purchase labor organization assisted forward commitment mortgages from banks
A03208Provides for the de-regulation of rent-stabilized housing accommodations
A03209Eliminates certain restrictions on the right to eviction for landlord's personal use
A03210Authorizes localities to convey distressed residential real property that has been foreclosed upon for non-payment of real estate taxes to a third party
A03211Authorizes the establishment of the home equity protection insurance program
A03212Includes mixed residential and commercial property within the affordable home ownership program
A03213Relates to community land mortgages and authorizes the state of New York mortgage agency to purchase community land mortgages from banks within the state
A03215Requires notice to emergency personnel of exposure to HIV infected persons
A03216Creates the real property regulatory impacts act
A03217Establishes a system of community improvement grants to be administered by and through neighborhood citizens' participation committees
A03218Requires the electronic and print publication of certain school district reports; defines "local officer or employee" to include school officials
A03219Authorizes purchase of dwelling units by residents of public housing projects
A03220Grants preferences in contracts under the affordable home ownership program to certain police officers, firefighters and teachers
A03222Provides basis for determining primary residency
A03223Mandates a code of ethics to be applied to school district employees in the prohibition of the use of school resources for personal gain
A03224Relates to the investment of public funds in companies doing business in Iran
A03313Establishes the Nissequogue River state park
A03314Relates to exemption from taxation of alterations and improvements to multiple dwellings
A03315Creates a homeownership rehabilitation credit
A03316Grants tax credit for downpayment made on residential housing
A03317Authorizes the purchase of rehabilitation mortgages by the state of New York mortgage agency
A03318Establishes a college student expense personal income tax credit
A03361Requires that no scholarship, grant or award offered by a state university of New York college shall require the student to reside on campus
A03392Requires prior approval of a municipality with respect to site selection for adult care facility, and provides for a public hearing thereon
A03408Relates to prohibiting valuable consideration in exchange for human eggs
A03409Defines incidental exposure with respect to contracting HIV infection
A03415Provides that a sponsoring agency must make a presentation at a public hearing before a residential facility for the disabled may be placed in a municipality
A03439Grants a real property tax exemption to certain police officers, firefighters and teachers who reside in the municipality or district where they are employed
A03992Expands the New York state low income housing tax credit program to certain one to four family residences
A03993Alters the definition of a qualified historic home for the purposes of the historic homeownership rehabilitation credit
A04141Enacts the "New York state property taxpayers protection act"
A04412Expands the provisions of the urban development action area act
A05092Relates to the limitation on highway expenses in the town of Smithtown
A05105Establishes a defined contribution plan
A05106Removes the requirement that a public employer continue terms of an expired agreement until a new agreement is negotiated with an employee organization
A05206Relates to establishing a defined contribution program for which elected officials are deemed mandatory members
A08400Relates to authorizing the town of Smithtown, county of Suffolk to alienate and convey certain parcels of land used as parkland and to acquire other parcels of land to replace such parkland
A08603Relates to improper employer practices and police officers and firefighters appointed by the state and localities
A08999Extends the time period in which certain elected officials have to file their oath of office
A09106Extends the deadline for eligible municipalities to exercise the provisions of the Superstorm Sandy assessment relief act

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00219   A00575   A00921   A00922   A01367   A01571   A01826   A02240   A02322   A02386   A02780   A03128   A04202   A04259   A04580   A04838   A04932   A04935   A05249   A05659   A05718   A06174   A06546   A06661   A07393   A07434   A08122   A08170   A08785   A08841   A08844   A08876   A08917  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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