Fitzpatrick Calls For Silver To Act On Lingering Sex Offender Legislation

May 23, 2006

Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick (R,C,I-Smithtown) was joined today by his minority colleagues, Kim Talman, state chair of the National Association to Protect Children, and district attorneys from around the state to urge Speaker Sheldon Silver and his majority members to act on legislation aimed at protecting New Yorkers from sexual predators.

“”There are only 13 days left in this session to pass this meaningful legislation,” said Fitzpatrick. “It is unconscionable for Speaker Sheldon Silver to allow another session to pass without strengthening New York’s laws against sex offenders.”

Assemblyman Fitzpatrick and his minority colleagues have been pushing hard to enact legislation strengthening New York’s laws against sex offenders by proposing civil confinement legislation for the most dangerous sexual predators, abolishing the five-year statute of limitations for rape, especially in view of advances in forensic DNA technology, expanding the state’s DNA database to require all criminals to submit DNA samples and enacting Jessica’s Law that would require 25-year minimum prison sentences for individuals who rape children.

“It is time for the Assembly majority to follow our lead by taking positive action and passing these important bills during the remaining days of session,” remarked Fitzpatrick. “Bipartisan support is needed if we are ever going to strengthen New York’s laws against sex offenders. I believe we have that support. Speaker Silver needs to allow this legislation to come to the floor for a vote. Another year cannot pass without strengthening New York’s laws against sexual predators. Our children are too important.”