Fitzpatrick Reacts to State of the State

Assemblyman optimistic but vows to ensure legislature effects change
January 3, 2007

After hearing Governor Eliot Spitzer’s State of the State address, Assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick was optimistic that the newly-elected governor has the vision that New York needs, though adding, the real challenge lies ahead.

“The ideas set forth by the governor mirror many of the ideas that my Minority colleagues and I have been fighting for,” says Fitzpatrick. “The challenge now facing us as legislators will be working alongside the governor to make sure we effect change and turn the ideas of government reform, economic development, and cutting taxes into reality.”

Fitzpatrick also spoke highly of the governor’s promise to rein in state spending and provide incentives for business growth.

“Cutting state spending needs to be one of our most important priorities, and I’m optimistic because the governor expressed the same interest,” concluded Fitzpatrick. “However, we can’t stop there. We must also work to provide a thriving economic environment by reducing the costs of doing business and eliminating unnecessary mandates.”