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Philip A. Palmesano
Assembly District 132
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04773Creates crime of vehicular assault in the third degree; crime is committed by injury to another person while unlawfully passing stopped school bus
A04774Requires two-thirds vote of legislature for any change in tax rates, budget bills and appropriations
A04775Relates to hunting, fishing and outdoor education in high school physical education courses
A04776Amends chapter 58 of the laws of 2005 in relation to calculating social services district medical assistance expenditure amounts
A04777Establishes credits against income tax for a teacher's unreimbursed expenditures for qualified supplies
A04778Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms the Penn Yan fire department length of service award program
A04779Enacts the New York state nursing shortage correction act
A04780Relates to the physician loan repayment program and medical malpractice rate relief program in designated physician shortage areas
A04781Enacts the "omnibus emergency services volunteer incentive act" to provide certain benefits to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers
A06526Provides that the election of chief and assistant chief by a fire department may be on the same day as the day of election of the fire department's election of administration officers
A07680Relates to state aid for library construction and infrastructure services
A08876Requires the deposit, into the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund, of a portion of the sales tax collected on each gallon of motor fuel sold at retail
A09092Makes certain findings and determinations with respect to bond anticipation notes issued by the town of Campbell, county of Steuben
A09142Extends provisions of law relating to the mortgage recording tax in the county of Yates until December 1, 2017
A09302Extends provisions of law relating to the mortgage recording tax in the county of Steuben until December 1, 2017
A09359Relates to the Caton fire district
A09695Establishes a private right of action for owners and tenants of residential premises against persons video taping recreational activities in the backyard of such premises

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00180   A00283   A00317   A00322   A00327   A00333   A00336   A00338   A00382   A00383   A00384   A00388   A00391   A00467   A00470   A00471   A01265   A01267   A01367   A01407   A01475   A01493   A01552   A01557   A01558   A01567   A01570   A01587   A01704   A01721   A01736   A01809   A01812   A01818   A01823   A01998   A02026   A02033   A02088   A02267   A02274   A02280   A02314   A02482   A02541   A02747   A02774   A03528   A04124   A04165   A04177   A04188   A04202   A04287   A04312   A04329   A04362   A04406   A04446   A04447   A04448   A04450   A04486   A04501   A04564   A04565   A04566   A04567   A04569   A04570   A04800   A04861   A04866   A04891   A04901   A04903   A04918   A04955   A04972   A05001   A05044   A05045   A05048   A05062   A05369   A05392   A05393   A05441   A05475   A05501   A05564   A05608   A05681   A05736   A05839   A05841   A05955   A06011   A06017   A06068   A06070   A06094   A06149   A06156   A06161   A06207   A06238   A06272   A06330   A06332   A06343   A06525   A06546   A06622   A06661   A06666   A06719   A06893   A06965   A06971   A06972   A06981   A06986   A06989   A06999   A07008   A07009   A07039   A07063   A07071   A07073   A07299   A07393   A07417   A07434   A07493   A07518   A07588   A07679   A07778   A07994   A08087   A08180   A08189   A08230   A08254   A08294   A08382   A08453   A08565   A08607   A08666   A08751   A08756   A08784   A08788   A08791   A08792   A08796   A08799   A08803   A08808   A08811   A08825   A08844   A08884   A09091   A09203   A09439   A09774   A09899  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10122   A10168  

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