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Stephen Hawley
Assembly District 139
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02591Establishes the crimes of vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter in an active work zone and intrusion into an active work zone
A02606Authorizes the abatement of municipal and school real property taxes in certain cases of catastrophic loss and establishes procedures therefor
A02624Prohibits the transfer of unexpended moneys from funds receiving moneys from a dedicated fee into any other fund
A02627Establishes the crimes of assaulting a child in the first degree and second degree and the crime of aggravated assault on a child; repealer
A02758Requires additional 10% funding of agricultural environmental programs implemented in watersheds deemed critical to recreational fishing
A03092Relates to landowner recreational liability and farm and horseback riding operation liability relief; and enacts the "equine activity safety code act"
A03093Provides free tuition expenses for dependent family members of N.Y. state military personnel
A03182Creates a veteran's home and land ownership loan program
A03189Establishes the agriculture assistance program for financial assistance to agricultural production and services in the state
A03200Eliminates the registration fee for gold star mother and gold star family member distinctive license plates
A03201Authorizes the state mortgage agency to purchase veterans' assisted forward commitment mortgages from banks within the state
A03202Creates a wage tax credit for employers who employ New York national guard men and women, reservists, volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel
A03203Allows for online publication of public notices
A03243NY local food and products sourcing tax credit
A03253Relates to the transfer of veterinary records for claimed racehorses
A03254Relates to the determination of employer contribution rates to the unemployment insurance fund
A03261Provides for procedure in filling vacancies in the offices of comptroller and attorney-general
A03263Ends the ability of a striking worker to collect unemployment benefits
A03281Prohibits the New York state department of taxation and finance from charging a fee for applications for a certificate of registration pursuant to a re-registration program
A03301Requires utility corporations to record memorandum of utility surcharge agreements
A03319Prevents level two or three sex offenders from working in amusement parks
A03320Preferences under the affordable home ownership development program for service related disabled veterans
A03336Prohibits the DEC from restricting the burning of garbage, refuse or rubbish in an open fire under certain circumstances
A03337Prohibits mortgagees from requiring mortgagors of certain pieces of real property to purchase flood insurance coverage exceeding the actual value of the loan
A03358Extends eligibility for the agricultural property tax credit to farmers having a leasehold interest of not fewer than five years in qualified agricultural property
A03417Requires the creation of a list of documents suitable for vets applying for real property tax exemptions
A03435Repeals subdivision 6 of section 18-a of the public service law, relating to a temporary state energy and utility service conservation assessment
A03545Relates to making technical changes relating to authorizing the town of Riga to establish the Host Benefit Agreement reserve fund
A03609Exempts owners of farms and the owners of multiple dwellings from the scaffold law in certain instances
A03770Exempts veterans eighty-five years of age and older from the obligation to pay New York state income tax
A03774Provides for the exemption of disabled veterans of the armed forces of the United States from New York state thruway tolls
A03775Exempts compensation for active military service from inclusion in a resident's adjusted gross income
A03785Provides a tax credit in the amount of certain fees charged in connection with loans under the federal home loan guarantee program to national guard and reserve vets
A03787Relates to the issue of military deployment as a factor in the awarding of custody in marital actions
A03808Creates a tax exemption for leasing of certain aircraft used for flight schools
A03897Authorizes the sheriff to charge prisoners fees to support the operations of the facility where they are incarcerated; requires inmates to assist in the provision of necessary services provided at the facility
A03912Requires the employment address of certain sex offenders to be reported to the division of criminal justice services
A03919Provides that a person is guilty of harassment in the first degree if he or she strikes, shoves, kicks, et cetera a school employee
A03930Relates to dental, medical and podiatric malpractice actions and to establishing a limitation on noneconomic damages in personal injury actions
A03960Requires that recipients of public assistance benefits must be residents of the state for at least ninety days prior to applying for such benefits
A03968Relates to building new one-family residential construction
A03978Provides that written notice of premium rate changes be given not less than sixty days prior to the effective date of such rate changes
A03991Exempts certain assessors in small municipalities from having to file financial disclosure statements
A04024Enacts the court order protection act
A04028Establishes a central registry of medical personnel terminated for cause
A04167Provides for a referendum on the question "Do you support the division of New York into two separate states?
A04367Relates to hunting in the county of Genesee

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00522   A00530   A00531   A00808   A00924   A01016   A01017   A01102   A01182   A01191   A01320   A01367   A01368   A01370   A01372   A01373   A01374   A01402   A01447   A01463   A01468   A01553   A01558   A01559   A01621   A01623   A01653   A01693   A01700   A01896   A01912   A01918   A01987   A02014   A02017   A02045   A02067   A02068   A02227   A02261   A02265   A02335   A02350   A02361   A02376   A02378   A02380   A02382   A02410   A02437   A02444   A02445   A02461   A02489   A02532   A02588   A02589   A02769   A02860   A02952   A02979   A03146   A03184   A03192   A03195   A03294   A03350   A03422   A03477   A03569   A03619   A03648   A03659   A03667   A03676   A03681   A03685   A03697   A03698   A03712   A03718   A03780   A03782   A03784   A03792   A03796   A03798   A03840   A03862   A03875   A03876   A03923   A03927   A03943   A03973   A03985   A03988   A04001   A04009   A04029   A04032   A04074   A04082   A04088   A04105   A04117   A04210   A04226   A04285   A04335   A04352   A04372   A04380   A04418  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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