Hawley’s Albany Update

Tips for Summer Safety
June 6, 2007

As warm weather fast approaches and people enjoy barbecues and take to swimming pools and the lake to escape the heat, I would like to remind you of some helpful safety tips to ensure that time spent with your family this summer is as safe as possible.

Before your boating season begins, it is important to make sure everybody who intends to drive a boat or personal watercraft is certified to operate the vessel. The requirements for certification are listed on the New York State Parks web site at www.nysparks.state.ny.us. There you can also find a list of upcoming classes should you need to obtain a safety certificate.

Prior to any day spent on the water, families should go through the safe boating checklist to make sure your day goes smoothly and safely. Everyone on board should buckle up with a comfortable and properly fitted life jacket. Be sure to watch the weather to prepare for local conditions and electrical storms. Since water conducts electricity, it is time to return to shore if you can see or hear a storm.

It is important to communicate your trip details with a friend on the mainland in case of an emergency. Tell that person where you intend to go and for how long. Also, never operate a boat while or after drinking alcohol. The dangers of driving a car while under the influence of alcohol are not separate from those while operating a watercraft.

Simple safety steps concerning lighting your gas grill and properly supervising children around the swimming pool can avoid a potential catastrophe. It is important to protect yourself and family from burns, injury and drowning. By following a few simple safety precautions, you are sure to have an enjoyable and safe summer.

To reduce your risk of accident or injury when using your grill this summer, I encourage you to visit the U.S. Fire Administration’s web site at www.usfa.dhs.gov.

Many communities have enacted safety regulations governing residential in- and above-ground swimming pools. It is up to the homeowner to comply with local regulations governing requirements for properly installing fences, lighting, ladders, safety equipment and flotation devices.

I strongly suggest homeowners consult the American Academy of Pediatrics’ web site at www.aap.org/family/tippool for a comprehensive list of pool safety tips for children.

I wish each of you a fun and safe summer season that provides a lifetime of memories. To ensure the safety of loved ones, let us all take a moment to think safety first before heading to the pool, starting up the grill, or using the family boat.