Hawley Calls On Assembly Leaders To Act On Key Issues Before Session Ends

June 20, 2007

With less than two days remaining in this year’s legislative session, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia) is calling on the Assembly Majority to shift its focus towards property tax relief, soaring gas prices, hospital closures, and other key issues.

“We spent three hours on Tuesday debating a gay marriage bill that has no chance to be signed by the governor because the Senate has no intention of voting on it,” said Hawley. “Our time would be better spent discussing legislation to create jobs and cut taxes - issues that significantly impact every resident of this state.”

“They are ignoring the needs of millions of New Yorkers and we are running out of time to deliver the tax relief people have been calling for over the last several years,” Hawley added.

“We face difficult economic times in Upstate New York. Medical marijuana and gay marriage bills will not create a single job nor lead to lower property taxes. They serve as the backbone of an agenda that ignores the needs of New Yorkers who struggle daily because of out-of-control property taxes and minimal opportunities for employment.”