Hawley Comments On Governor Spitzer Pulling Plug On Local Member Item Projects

October 18, 2007

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) today commented on the Governor’s last minute decision to cut member item funding for various Assembly Minority members. The Governor’s decision came after weeks of intense public scrutiny regarding his plan to allow illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses.

“This is clearly nothing more than political sabotage against the constituents I represent who have clearly indicated their dismay, disgust and disapproval of his unsafe and illegal driver’s license plan.

“Specifically, the funding for two projects that I sponsored has been earmarked to be cut. If Spitzer’s intentions are finalized, the Village of Holley will lose $15,000 in funding for an engineering study of the Holley school and the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce will lose $1,000 for downtown beautification for the Village of Albion. This money is not Governor Spitzer’s nor mine, it is the taxpayers’ money being recycled back into our communities.

“Unfortunately, this downstate Governor is unjustly punishing the taxpayers of Western New York. He campaigned against the status quo and for change. I don’t think this is what voters had in mind when they voted for him.

“I am looking forward with enthusiasm to finally return to Session next week to discuss not only this proposal but several other pressing issues,” said Hawley.