Hawley Comments On Todayís Special Session

October 23, 2007
ďToday our Conference gave every Assembly member the opportunity to take a stand against the Governorís outrageous and illegal driverís license plan. Unfortunately, the majority of my colleagues voted against our Conferenceís amendments, which would have strengthened the new driverís license plan and ensured that the people of this State are safe. Those who voted against our amendments have turned their backs on the citizens of the State of New York, 72 percent of who are adamantly against the Governorís plan. In my district alone, I have collected over 1,000 petition signatures from concerned citizens urging the Governor to abide by the law and Constitution. Despite todayís vote, I will continue working to stop this reckless plan with legislation, lawsuits and anything else that will ensure the peopleís voice is heard and that this driverís license plan does not happen.Ē