Hawley Votes For Reform, Against Gerrymandering

Assemblyman honors pledge to reject politically-charged district lines
March 16, 2012

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia) stood by his promise to stand up for Western New Yorkers’ right to choose their own elected officials by rejecting the Legislature’s partisan redistricting plan. Hawley voted against gerrymandered boundaries submitted by legislative leaders in favor of a more open, accountable process.

“The Legislature’s redistricting lines ignored the need for an independent commission to draw boundaries based on the needs of New York citizens, not political incumbents,” said Hawley. “The new boundaries for the 139th Assembly District take the town of Shelby out of Orleans County, leaving the village of Medina split between two different districts. This defies logic, is unacceptable and disenfranchises Western New Yorkers, which is why I voted against this plan.”

Later in Legislative proceedings, Hawley voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to permanently change the redistricting process, as well as a bill that guarantees that an independent redistricting commission participates in the next round of reapportionment in 2022.

“I have consistently committed to taking the power of redistricting out of Albany’s hands and giving it to the people of Western New York,” said Hawley. “Independent redistricting is common sense. It gives the power to the people, and we have taken a critical step toward fairer representation in state government.”