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Stephen Hawley
Assembly District 139
Grants En Route For Local Libraries
Sorely-needed funding to boost learning institutions
May 7, 2012

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia) recently announced the recipients of this year’s Public Library Construction Grants. Over $327,000 has been committed for projects at the Byron-Bergen, Lee-Wheldon Memorial, and Swan libraries, serving as sorely-needed support for facility improvements.

"In a time of staggering unemployment and fiscal crisis that is crippling our educational institutions, these library construction grants will be a boon for the community," said Hawley. "Our local libraries deserve the support necessary to provide up-to-date tools and services to the public, and that’s exactly what these grants will do. I know these libraries will put this funding to great use and become an even more integral part of our community."

The local projects include:

  • $311,684 for the Swan Library to build a 14,600 square foot energy-efficient building to improve access, security, parking and collection and meeting space in Albion;
  • $8,615 for the Lee-Wheldon Memorial Library to reconfigure the parking lot to add extra parking spaces, as well as increase the distance between rows, for improved access and safety; and
  • $7,325 for the Byron-Bergen Public Library to open the wall via a french door to provide easy and secure access to an additional programming and educational resource space, thereby increasing the effectiveness of library service.

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