Hawley Protects 2nd Amendment, Votes Against Attack On Businesses

Assemblyman stands up against another downstate attack on gun owners
June 19, 2012

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia) recently voted against an unproven, illogical mandate on firearms producers known as microstamping. The proposal would force manufacturers to develop technology leaving unique imprints on rounds of ammunition, a costly process that would force producers to take their jobs out of state even though the procedure has not been proven to benefit public safety.

“Western New Yorkers know that if there’s anything that out-of-touch downstate politicians love as much as attacking our business owners and job creators it’s attacking law-abiding gun owners,” said Hawley. “Instead of confronting the fact that gun crimes are, by and large, committed using illegal, unlicensed firearms, the Assembly Majority continues to demonize those of us who rightfully exercise our 2nd Amendment right. To make matters worse, this legislation would price firearms producers out of the state and cost New Yorkers jobs that we cannot afford to lose. No matter how many times this legislation comes to the Assembly Floor, I will continue to stand up against this absurd and unproven proposal.”

Assemblyman Hawley has consistently voted against previous legislation seeking to impose microstamping mandates on firearms producers.