Bill to Increase Car Safety with Daytime Running Lamps Standards

Retrofitting standards for older cars will save on insurance premiums
May 27, 2008

Syracuse – New York State Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli (D-120th) announced passage of crucial legislation that authorizes reductions in insurance premiums for older, private passenger vehicles retrofitted with daytime running lamps (A.5512). Further, this bill will establish a standard for retrofitting daytime running lamps, to ensure proper installation.

“Daytime running lamps improve the overall safety on cars by increasing driver visibility and visibility of the car to other drivers,” Magnarelli said. “Many new cars already have daytime running lamps installed, and because of these, many insurance providers already offer premium discounts to these owners. Simply, this bill will allow drivers of older cars in install daytime running lamps and be eligible for the same insurance discounts.”

Establishing a retrofitting standard for daytime running lamps installed by qualified auto body shops or car dealerships, would ensure that these daytime running lamps meet a state-approved standard. The Superintendent of Insurance and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles would establish the standard.

“Bottom line is this: by improving safety of all cars on the road, we are not only protecting our families, but ensuring all New Yorkers receive the same insurance benefit,” Magnarelli said.