Assembly Budget Proposal

Summary of the Assembly Recommended Changes to the Executive Budget Proposal

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Assembly Version of Budget bills (March 12, 2012)

State Operations Budget Appropriation Bill (A9050-B)

Legislative and Judiciary Budget Appropriation Bill (A9051)

State Debt Service Budget Appropriation Bill (A9052)

Aid to Localities Budget Appropriation Bill (A9053B)

Capital Projects Budget Appropriation Bill (A9054B)

Public Protection and General Government (Article VII) Language Bill (A9055C)

Health & Mental Hygiene (Article VII) Language Bill (A9056C)

Education, Family and Family Assistance (Article VII) Language Bill (A9057C)

Transportation, Economic Development & Environmental Conservation (Article VII) Language Bill (A9058C)

Revenue Article VII Language Bill (A9059C)

Gubernatorial Reorganization Article VII Language Bill (A9060B)