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A09055 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to DNA testing of certain offenders convicted of a crime; relates to the administration of traffic infractions; relates to disaster preparedness; relates to the reimbursement of medicare premium charges for employees and retired employees of the state, public authorities, public benefit corporations or other quasi-public organizations of the state; exempts centralized contracts from audit prior to finalization; relates to the ability to designate an agency contract as a statewide contract and to the expansion of state contract rights for local governments and non-profit organizations; alters the definition of best value for procurement; expands contract use rights for local governments; relates to the procurement opportunities newsletter; relates to the procurement of department printing and purchases by charitable organizations; renames the office for technology the office of information technology services; relates to paying the metropolitan transportation authority the costs associated with reimbursements for E-ZPass tolls paid by the residents of Broad Channel and the Rockaway Peninsula for travel over the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge; relates to the collection of assessments for annual expenses; authorizes the transfer of certain facility parole officers to open positions as the parole officer or senior parole officer title; expands the scope of the annual report by the department of corrections to the legislature concerning the staffing and facilities of state correctional facilities; relates to the education reform program; relates to support for the public defense backup center and additional state aid tied to the salary of the district attorney of each county and the calculation thereof; and relates to the public safety communications surcharge.
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